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  • RE: Network packet size.



    Why then isnt the default 8080?

  • RE: Query data in on-line Transaction Log

    If you mean the SQL server log, it's just a text file. You can open it with notepad.

  • RE: Network packet size.


    Why then isnt the default 8080?

    Default values are picked for situations that work...

  • RE: Understanding the difference between IS NULL and = NULL

    This was my first hard lesson learned in SQL. I've never forgotten it these past 8-9 years. I think every programming standards guide ought to mention this (as...

  • RE: Business Days/Hours Calculations

    You're going to be in custom code territory with a function like this. You might try creating a calendar table with all business dates in it, then select...

  • RE: Row Numbers for a Select

    For anyone who can stand the overhead of a temp table and dual selects, here's a template function that gives you row ID in your query. ...

  • RE: How can i reset RESET IDENTIY SEED for this case ?

    The IDENTITY feature isn't intended to be continually reset in the fashion you describe. You need to create either a stored proc to maintain and reset your seed values....

  • RE: My opinion on changes to Contest layout


    Agree we need to change things a little.

    Personally I'd like to see the moderate items (articles, FAQs, Case Studies, scripts) get much...

  • RE: Replace Character

    Just one off the wall observation: It looks like you may have a column that is not fully decomposed if your prefix and suffix are treated independently.

    Maybe you need...

  • RE: Month should be 2 digits


    Here try this:

    select @Temp as '@Temp',@T1 as '@T1', substring(cast(100+month(@t1)as char(3)),2,3) as 'month1' , substring(cast(datepart(mm,@t1)+100 as char(3)),2,3) as 'month2'

    Gregory Larsen, DBA

    If you looking...

  • RE: Certification and Reimbursment


    thx for sharing. I paid for my MCSE NT4 for the exams. When Windows 2000 came out, I didn't have...

  • RE: ActiveX Script Task TimeOut Error.

    Why are you doing this in DTS?

    If your tables are large ,you might be timing out just becuase it takes longer to do than the default script timeout value.

    I would...

  • RE: Row Numbers for a Select

    Basically, this is a missing feature of SQL server.

    Lot's of ideas but they all boil down to this.

  • RE: SS2K Web App

    You would be surprised at all the functionality that can be shoe-horned into the IE browser. We've done what I used to think were miracles as web-based apps. ...

  • RE: Death of the Production DBA

    The death of COBOL

    The death of the IBM MVS System Programmer

    The Death of ....

    We still have lots of COBOL/CICS system hanging around running on IBM MVS/MVT heirs maintained by $100K...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 284 total)