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  • RE: Trailing

    I knew this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot for the question.

  • RE: Procedure or function not working correctly

    are the columns mutually dependent to occur in the table ?



    the above code suggests that if any...

  • RE: Len() with different datatypes

    L' Eomot Inversรฉ (7/7/2013)

    Nice easy question, although at first site it looks rather unpleasant.

    There are too many questions which would be easy if it was easy to see how many...

  • RE: Temp Table

    easy one.

    In case of global temporary table creation it will throw an error. i.e ##Table1

    Local Temp just gets another session.

    Thanks for the question.


    Danny Ocean (6/18/2013)

    Good question. But i think this question should had topic "DateTime" rather than "SQL CHOOSE". ๐Ÿ™‚

    based on the explanation, I guess, you reached the conclusion. The reference reach...

  • RE: ALL clause in SQL Server

    The difference between 'IN' and 'ALL' is that , 'ALL' give true for when all the data satisfies the met condition, where as 'IN' give out the same even one...

  • RE: Alias Usage

    Richard Warr (6/17/2013)

    I wonder how 28 % got it wrong...

    As only 6% selected the wrong answer it must be down to not selecting three options. If you don't read the...

  • RE: BETWEEN a hard place and a rock

    Coming after a long time and started with this question :w00t:

    how come -1 and -10 didn't span the whole number line !!! I got caught in the first...

  • RE: Alias Usage

    Lokesh Vij (6/16/2013)

    Nice, easy and back-to-basics question; perfect for Monday mornings ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Ismail!


    I wonder how 28 % got it wrong...

    Edit :

    -- error; incorrect alias

    SELECT ProductID Name Color FROM Product



  • RE: Find the error column and the row

    HowardW (6/4/2013)

    The insert order isn't guaranteed to be the same between two inserts, so the identity trick may not work. Also, I suspect it may allocate identities before the error...

  • RE: Find the error column and the row

    Thanks for the reply , I have modified the original post to uncomment few lines, which actually throws error ..

    I am aware of identity column usage to find the row...

  • RE: Timestamps

    Hugo Kornelis (5/6/2013)

    demonfox (5/6/2013)

    What do you mean ?? posting in the Qotd forum doesn't give any points .. it's only when you reply in the blog forums ..

    And I am...

  • RE: Timestamps

    Hugo Kornelis (5/6/2013)

    demonfox (5/6/2013)

    I don't see any problem in banal comments , such as "Thanks for the question" , "nice question" ; I think it encourages the author; whereas my...

  • RE: Timestamps

    michaelhitchin (5/6/2013)

    Hugo Kornelis (5/6/2013)

    And finally, to Steve - I know we've discussed this before, and I know it won't happen, but I just have to ask again. Can you please,...

  • RE: Timestamps

    I lost patience, the moment I saw "select 8" ...

    not a good day to begin with :blink:

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