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  • RE: What''s Your Code Quality?

    Quoting Alexandros A Nipirakis "IE no machine without a high level of intelligence could possibly judge software anymore than a machine can judge music"
    Apparently some software can judge pop music quite...
  • RE: Security Through Chaos

    I can understand how such a system would be more resilient to large scale compromise but would be more vulnerable to small scale compromise. Let me evaluate – lets...

  • RE: Query analyser fails when execution plan shown

    I always have the "Unknown token received from SQL Server" error when graphic execution plan is turned on and i have any FOR XML clause

    It seems that the correct...

  • RE: An Identity Crisis

    hmm, more than 1?


    My point was meant to be that the problem initiated from bad design and planning (particularly relating to...

  • RE: An Identity Crisis

    The author mentioned "the table should now have no problems for the next 6 to 9 Billion years"


    if the usage of the table was to remain the...

  • RE: The Danger of Hiring Stars

    Good article

    And dual monitors are great. I feel claustrophobic without them.

  • RE: Max number of rows for a table

    This is not necessarily true.


    If you have a primary key on the table (you probably do) you will be limited by that; for example if you use...

  • RE: how to handle delimiter in SQL?

    Obviously using a sproc is the best solution; however for some reason this cannot be done a workaround is to use a replace function to substitute the single quote...

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)