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  • RE: Developer Pressure

    I'm all for CI. We're trying to crack that nut in a complex system with many moving parts. One thing you mentioned is that customers may expect new features sooner...


    Thanks Steven. One motivation was to see about performance difference and common steps to use temp table. The other motivation was to work towards a coding standard like you mentioned.


    Thanks for the great input. It was helpful.


  • RE: Creativity

    chrisn-585491 (9/14/2012)

    An idea: Apply this on Friday afternoon after lunch, when you're probably not going to accomplish much in-the-box work anyway.

    Friday afternoon? That's when project managers that have been sitting...

  • RE: Consolidate or Decompose

    I knew there'd be much missing in my description.

    Getting it via email because it is a hosted Oracle Apps system and the people getting the file can't find any way...

  • RE: Creativity

    My company has an internal hackathon type event. They bring in food and drink and have prizes. Sometimes the entries getting incorporated into the software, sometimes it's just an exploration...

  • RE: Creativity

    I'm in the same place, too. I came in and inherited lots of not so elegant solutions that could be made very svelte. We are getting there to make it...

  • RE: Table Relationship Design Question

    Stephanie. That is my take on it. I completely see that we will have a object-oriented application layer with collections similar to what you describe. But the database will be...

  • RE: Table Relationship Design Question

    Thank you Mike for those thoughts. They all make complete sense to me.

  • RE: Why isn't my CROSS APPLY working like an inner join?

    I believe CROSS APPLY is more like a cartesian product. If you want the join effect could you try something like this.

    select ClientName, AppointmentList

    from #tmpClients c

    JOIN (

    SELECT DISTINCT ap.ClientKey, STUFF((SELECT ','...

  • RE: I want to truncate table before inserts data

    Are you trying to do this all in one statement? It seems like you would truncate or delete the data, then insert the data. Are you doing this with a...

  • RE: Calculating business days between 2 dates

    I think I'd vote with Todd and have an actual dates table that gets built out for the next few years because what about holidays that don't fall on the...

  • RE: Looping through Databases to fix orphaned users

    There is an undocumented procedure called sp_msforeachdb that might do the trick. I've reinitialized user before but it was a one time thing so I scripted it all out and...

  • RE: Function without cursor

    This is my stab at it. It doesn't do RBAR (unless unpivot does something behind the scenes I don't know about) and it doesn't do any kind of looping. I...

  • RE: Function without cursor

    Hi Vijay. I have a couple of questions.

    How can you guarantee that the sequence will remain the same within a refno? For example, with refno 1000 you can't be absolutely...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)