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  • RE: SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition

    I think there are plans to roll out the similar editions (plus the express version). I would be surprised if MS culled it. Really, they should drop Jet as the...

  • RE: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

    I have a quick look at it as part of the VS.NET Express 2005 Beta but not to the point of configuring it for support of a web site.

    I would...

  • RE: Operation Not Allowed When The object is closed

    Whenever you perform a t-sql action (such as an insert), a result set is returned with the number of rows affected. ADO, therefore, is getting the number of rows inserted...

  • RE: The Case for SQL Logins - Part Two

    It is an interesting article but one aspect that might be more explored is the use of Access 2000/XP as a front end to SQL Server. Access does not encrypt...

  • RE: Bulk Insert

    It worked perfectly; and so ends my hours of toiling. Thanks a million for the help.

  • RE: Help in Dynamic SQL

    Whenever faced with this problem, I always wrap the variables up in double apostrophe's.

    Here is some code that you can use a library function on the vb side:

    Public Function...

  • RE: data display in table

    Have you explicitly converted (using CONVERT) the datatype into nvarchar?

  • RE: Using Arrays inside Stored Procedures

    Thank you both for you reply. Firstly, GRN thanks for the piece of T-SQL code. And Andy, in answer to your question about a fixed amount of parameters - that's...

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)