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  • RE: In Praise of Service Broker

    As someone who spent nearly a year with one support case dealing with missing records from dropped messages, the problem Service Broker is much bigger than education.

    From a support perspective,...

  • RE: Some Relevant PowerShell Books

    Learn Powershell in a Month of Lunches by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks is a good a book for the beginner. The book teaches a "think in Powershell" approach with...

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    An assumption around always keeping at least 20% free space on NTFS volumes.

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    I haven't looked at the code in a while, but I think you're right on the view.

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    sqlfriends (1/24/2013)

    A question about permissions.

    When I schedule the job, because it will run using SQL agent service account, it won't work because it cannot login to other computers using that...

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    narayanaswamy (10/18/2012)

    Hi All,

    In SQL Server 2008 instance i have created spacedm database and created all objects tables,views,sp's

    I've executed this command prompt .\write-dbspacetodb.ps1 'instancename' spacedm

    I am getting below...

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    Not sure why SystemName would be null. Let's try forcing the systemname. Replace the existing Get-Vol function with this version:


    function Get-Vol



    Get-WmiObject -computername...

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    Take a look at the $dt variable and make sure server_name property has a value.

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    You got it. Sometimes I'll just recreate the table definition to match the column order in order to avoid mappings.

    If you go that route you'll need to look at the...

  • RE: Import/Export SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager Registered Servers

    It could be done in VBScript or Perl. Here's an old Perl script. I can't find old VBScript:

    #Perl Script based on


    use strict;

    use Getopt::Std;

    use Win32::OLE;

    use Win32::OLE::Const("Microsoft SQLDMO");

    my (%args, $args, $serverfile,...

  • RE: Dump SQL Permissions

    As mentioned, Dump SQL Permissions relies on deprecated SQL-DMO library. I've release a 2000 and higher tool that uses SMO library here The project is more complex/featured...

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    Its possible, but you would need to modify the report and have the dates default to calculated dates i.e. getdate() minus 30.

  • RE: Loading Data With Powershell

    If you mean keep appending output to a CSV file, the export-csv cmdlet doesn't directly support this, however you could use the convertto-csv cmdlt and remove the header row as...

  • RE: Database Space Capacity Planning

    PowerShell V2 (released in October 2009 after this article was written), does have try/catch. In addition you may want to look at your $erroractionpreference setting. The default setting continue, should...

  • RE: Is Microsoft neglecting SMO?

    Phil Factor (3/7/2011)

    Why do I need Powershell, when I can do all the stuff in GUI using SSIS? Powershell is another geek tool.

    Well, it certainly is a geek tool in...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 189 total)