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  • RE: Too Tired to Work Smart

    Useful discussion.

    "There's no question with seamans"

  • RE: API Changes

    We collects data by export-import tools based universal and custom API ,done deep analyse them, prepare sheets and recommendations, satisfy business and yourself. How we dance next?!)

  • RE: Database Performance Transparency

    Great! To subscribe to universal opinion.


    Anton Kruglikov

  • RE: Thoughts on Survival

    TravisDBA (1/20/2012)

    Life itself is a "survival job", particularly nowadays. Another day above ground is good day.:-D

    to subscribe under your words:-D

  • RE: DBAs and the Career-Life Balance

    DBAs and the Career-Life Balance?!

    parallel things)

    If count $$ is one side of medal, knowlidge is other, something else is third.

    In condition changeble world no doubt business-analytics plays important role and...

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)