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    In the explanation, to be precise, I would change "where the first number is not a 9"

    with "where the first char is not a 9"

  • Reply To: The SQL Variant Types

    Good catch!

    It is Interesting that NULL never has a BaseType, also if you cast it to a defined type (e.g. INT).

    SELECT *
    ,SQL_VARIANT_PROPERTY(V.a, 'BaseType')
    ) AS...
  • Reply To: Saving Labor

    Try this (adjust for your needs), then execute the output script:

    set nocount on
    select DISTINCT 'exec sp_helptext ' AS '--','[' + + ']' AS [ ],CASE OBJECTPROPERTY(,'ExecIsTriggerDisabled')...
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    What's the syntax for "LOAD CERTIFICATE"? I cannot find it on BOL.

    I saw that CREATE CERTIFICATE or ALTER CERTIFICATE loads the certificate from a file.

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    Jason- wrote:

    *** sorry for the spoilers; but my comment didn't make sense to me without them ***

    I debated with myself between "Zero records" and the more comprehensive "Returns distinct rows...

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    Rune Bivrin wrote:

    Carlo Romagnano wrote:

    Of course the isolation level of the database should be as in the image


    Of course! That's obviously clear from the questionđŸ˜‹

    The question is about the...

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    Of course the isolation level of the database should be as in the image


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    Palani K wrote:

    I ran the query and see zero rows only, please verify your answer.

    If the query returns no row, it means that there are not uncommitted data (inserted or modified).

  • Reply To: EXCEPT

    For debug, I used this query to return all rows inserted or changed in all open transaction.

    How to reproduce the scenario:

    Start a transaction in one session, insert or modify data...

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    If you assume that the string always starts with '\1\' (as the original post) and you do not know then length of text then you can use STUFF instead of...

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    WITH ctePC
    AS ( SELECT expression
    ( VALUES
  • Reply To: Implicit conversion from datetime to datetime2

    Good catch!


  • Reply To: Row and Page Compression Facts

    From your link:

    Compression can allow more rows to be stored on a page, but does not change the maximum row size of a table or index.

    So, the "Compression can allow...

  • Reply To: Choosing Rows or Range

    Please, post an example with RANGE!

    I tried this one, so the right answer is PARTITION BY:

    SELECT SUM(object_id)OVER()


    FROM sys.objects

    WHERE object_id < 100

  • Reply To: Create a Tally Function (fnTally)

    I use this function with recursion and @top of 1000000 is enough for me, but I don't n know if it performs better:

    -- by Carlo.Romagnano

    CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fn_tally(@top INT)




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