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  • RE: No, I do not provide childcare at my technology events...

    Over my past 32 years in IT I have encountered one major difference in dealing with Women versus Men when it comes to technology.

    Women seem to try harder then men....

  • RE: Great Service – All About Attitude

    I just completely dumped one telecommunications company (Internet and home phone) because of lousy service and told them exactly why in clear specific reasons. However, I doubt that they...

  • RE: Auditing

    Unfortunately we don't audit as much as I'ld like due to how auditing is implemented in our ERP system.

    We audit a few basic fields on certain transactions, but...

  • RE: Feedback for IT

    I like the "Click here if you have a problem" button right on the user interface screen. No doubt you will get a bunch of crap in a public...

  • RE: Self-Service vs. Managed BI

    wildh (7/22/2010)

    This actual case goes to demonstrate that in certain projects self service BI allows users to manipulate figures to their own benefit which can lead to misinformaion, discrepancies, conflict...

  • RE: Self-Service vs. Managed BI

    l543123 (7/22/2010)

    oh ya Power-Pivot, when our users are still struggling to use excel 😛

    So, is anyone training them, or helping them learn how to use the tools effectively?

    If not, why...

  • RE: Self-Service vs. Managed BI

    It's not always just putting their mark on it. It's speed.

    Sometimes as a result of an issue that just popped up they need immediate answers on, sometimes...

  • RE: Assumptions

    #1 worst assumption I keep having to overcome:

    That what we knew yesterday still applies to or answers today's problems.

  • RE: Moving to the Cloud

    Ralph Nickname (6/21/2010)

    But that is really cost effective for a lot of small shops.

    Having worked in mostly small shops, it is also very high risk.

    If you've...

  • RE: Moving to the Cloud

    Maybe a lot of us have been sort of working "in the clouds" and just not thought of it that way.

    The company I work for is located in New Orleans....

  • RE: Cursors Be Gone!

    The discussion is the valuable part.

    Perhaps re-published material should include an intro that explains why it is being republished.

  • RE: Cursors Be Gone!

    Hmm interesting. I read the article thinking it is current because it showed up this morning in my email.

    Instead it turns out to be 18 months old!

    I'll grant you...

  • RE: It's a Zoo

    Welcome to the madness of "Nawlins."

    Bourbon Street can be a bit rough on the body, but there is some really fine dining to make up for it.

    If you...

  • RE: Limited Features or Limited Time?

    I like the free limited capability idea, especially if the limited capability is all I need at the moment.

    For heavy duty testing, I like the hybrid, but I wish...

  • RE: TCA

    Hmm. Since TCA is a component of TCO and not the other way around, I think I'd still be more concerned with TCO.

    Problems with TCO begin when people start...

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 83 total)