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  • RE: ORDER BY on nested queries misbehaves because of server configuration?


    This seem to be a known Microsoft bug - see article at

    I tried tha sample statement they provide in the article and it indeed seems to be it...

  • RE: ORDER BY on nested queries misbehaves because of server configuration?

    As a matter of fact, both servers are not EXACTLY the same version - seems to be a change of build number and date.

    the OK one is:

    Microsoft SQL Server ...

  • RE: Pagination using sql query

    Try this:

    It will bring you records 11-20 out of table [myTable], sorted by [sortField]:

    select * from (

        select top 10 * from (


  • RE: ADO Connection to SQL 2000 problems

    Glad to have helped.

     - Avi

  • RE: ADO Connection to SQL 2000 problems

    I had same sort of problems once, and it turned out that we had to play with the way our client was connecting to the server, i.e. multiprotocol/named-pipes/TCPIP.


    Try specifying different...

  • RE: Stored Procedure vs Triggers

    As for the article, I was expecting to see some insight on runtime performance using triggers vs SPs. For instance, from my own experience I found that using INSERTED from...

  • RE: Index Creation Guidelines

    Thanks Bryant.

    Do you know what kind of index is created automatically when creating a FK? is this some sort of an implicit index or can it be scripted from EM like...

  • RE: Index Creation Guidelines

    On the same note:

    I was once told that creating a forein-key constraint upon two tables causes an implicit creation of some indexes that can speed up joins on the FK...

  • RE: Dynamic SQL or Stored Procedure

    From the gent with the ORs to David.Poole (or anyonw who may wish to comment on this one):

    I'll definitely try your suggestions for making the queries faster - but you...

  • RE: Dynamic SQL or Stored Procedure

    I've tried an approach of sending optional params (with default value=NULL) to the Search-sproc, and in it using a single-static SELECT statement with lot's of OR operators in the WHERE...

  • RE: Executing DTS package

    It seems to me the msgbox is hanging your script.

    When SQLAgent tries to execute a msgbox(), the msgbox appears on the SERVER SCREEN (if you have a pcanywhere/vnc to your...

  • RE: The SQL Server Black Box

    What about performance impact for this?

    Opening a constant trace of my production server doesn't sound right..

  • RE: WHERE clause with IN

    I sometimes find that NULL values behave funny in IN statements..

    maybe you have a NULL value in your 'custlog.topic' field?

    This kind of thing may get you a no-resulter, as opposed...

  • RE: Favourite Tools?

    How about the SQLEXECMS util?

    it gives you tree-views, object-comparison (schema, no data), server-status (disk etc.) , dependencies, and autocpmplete in the SQL panel :->

    No to mention exporting recordsets to excel,...

  • RE: Rolling back a distribution

    How would I access this transaction?

    what would be the syntax (i.e. "rollback tran <tranName>"...)

    Also, how are these transactions' attributes configured (or are they hard-coded)?

    I tried checking the status of one...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)