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  • RE: Code Reviews

    And i do most of those but it is just hard to see everything about even a single SSIS item is one go.
    You have properties, input/output columns, columns...

  • RE: Code Reviews

    Do not get me wrong, I like the idea of code reviews.
    But it is not always easy to "code review". An example is SSIS, drag and drop "arghhhh". (I...

  • RE: Rename Foreign Key Constraints

    Please note. Where you have a multi part foreign key that this script will NOT Work correctly.
    it will try and drop and re-create the FK once for each element....

  • RE: Re-Trust Untrusted Foreign Keys and Constraints

    I am using SQL server 2014 and I have a number of tables with foreign keys where they are set as untrusted. NONE of these FK as set as "NOT...

  • RE: Change Column datatype

    You have missed out specifying/using the table schema as well as the table name.

  • RE: Package Parts – First Impressions

    I am trying to understand how Microsoft could introduct something so limited.
    ALL our packages are highly parameterised, this includes the database connection details plus a ton of other...

  • RE: Your Favorite Feature that Needs Work

    Having had to use oracle for a large number of years we always used "TOAD" instead of the oracle management studio. Far better and more functionality.
    The disappointment with the...

  • RE: Your Favorite Feature that Needs Work

    After having used SSIS exclusively for over a year I vote for it to be scrapped and re-written.
    the interface is inconsistent and buggy.
    It crashes randomly
    hard to get...

  • RE: unzip password protected files - SSDT - .net 4.5

    I think any third party DLL's need to be in the GAC for SSIS

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)