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  • RE: ISNULL on Empty Set

    Instead of ADODB, you should try to use OLEDB Provider which supports a new feature if your database is SQL 2005 or above called "MARS", Multiple Active Resultsets.

    With MARS you...

  • RE: ISNULL on Empty Set

    If you are using an SQLDatareader Class to read the data, you need must pass either the name of the column or the column order index.

    DECLARE @result VARCHAR(50)

    SET @result...

  • RE: transformation to use ??

    Hi bhavika,

    First your T-SQL statement is wrong and your question does not explain exactly what you want to accomplish.

    Please elaborate a little more so we can understand your need and...

  • RE: auto generated script for ALTER INDEX

    You can use DBCC SHOWCONTIG

    Here is the script that we use, it was developed by Microsoft and you can find it here


    /*Perform a 'USE <database name>' to select the database...

  • RE: Where are SSRS error logs?

    Look into this folder:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.SSRSBI\Reporting Services\LogFiles

    MSRS10_50.SSRSBI = The name of your SSRS instance Name

  • RE: Changing server time

    Just Stop the [Windows Time] Service so it stops synchronizing with your Domain Controller.

    You DO NOT need to disjoin your server from your Domain.

    Once you are done testing, Start the...

  • RE: How to check "not for replication" status using T-SQL or GUI in SQL 2000

    Use this SQL 2005+ query:

    SELECT OBJECT_NAME(object_id) AS TableName ,

    name AS ColumnName ,

    TYPE_NAME(system_type_id) AS...

  • RE: Database Recovery - DB Not Detached - SQL Server 2000

    If the files are not corrupted, then yes you may attach them to another SQL instance.

    The reason why the OS says they are in used is because you have SQL...

  • RE: Looping through files

    Create a separate table in SQL that stores the names of the files processed.

    create table LoadedFiles(fID int identity not null, fileName varchar(25) not null,

    loadDate datetime not null default getdate(), fileCreateDate...

  • RE: Get Server Instances running on all hostnames

    Thanks for your input, but "SC.EXE" does not query instances, it queries Servers and enumerates all its services.

    My Script lists all the services installed on a particular computer or server...

  • RE: Running SSIS Package on Demand from users desktop

    You must make the package entirely Dynamic, meaning that every possible changeable configuration must be stored either in variables or in an SSIS XML or SQL Configuration.

    Then you can either...

  • RE: Get Server Instances running on all hostnames

    This will work just perfectly for you.

    I have tested it in 2008 and 2005.

    -- To allow advanced options to be changed.

    EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1


    -- To update the currently...

  • RE: SSIS on file system

    On SQL 2008 they are stored here:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\Packages "If you installed it on C:\"

    Check your Integration Services Service Path to get to the package path.

  • RE: uninstall SQL 2005 from cluster

    Go to each node type Start --> Run --> services.msc

    Check if SQL Server 2005 is installed and running.

    Verify the service path and compare to what you find in the cluster...

  • RE: sp_executesql issue

    You were missing a comma to separate the sorted columns ORDER BY @sfield, @SFIELD_TYPE







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