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  • RE: Capture the Flag

    Run for the hills, the Softbots are taking over the world!!!!!

    Or is it Redgate trying to acquire ideas from us mere mortals by manipulating our paranoia . 😛

    On a...

  • RE: Why We Need Backups First

    Sad to say, that I know of companies (and I do mean the plural) that still don't backup.

    I also know of people whos job role has either been SysAdmins...

  • RE: The Danger of xp_cmdshell

    t.franz (9/16/2016)

    BULK INSERT? Or are you lamenting the absence of BULK EXPORT?

    I'm missing BULK EXPORT.

    Another point: even if you can do some OS-like stuff with SQL Server, the account that...

  • RE: The Danger of xp_cmdshell

    Jeff Moden (9/15/2016)

    Heh... I think I'm being prodded to publish. 😀

    As soon as I read the title I thought of your blood pressure 😉

  • RE: Avoiding Stored Procedures

    I try and get the developers to see the sprocs as an interface much like a RESTful or api. So easy to setup testing or mocks against and they don't...

  • RE: The Future for Database Administrators

    Its not the roles disappearing in the short term it where they are moving to.

    Live in a small city or town and the opportunities are a lot less than...

  • RE: What is the impact of setting SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF?

    Solomon Rutzky (8/23/2016)

    N_Muller (8/23/2016)

    SQL Server doesn't allow to create filtered indexes or indexes on computed columns in temp tables with ansi warnings turned off. Here's a simple example:

    More specifically,...

  • RE: What is the impact of setting SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF?

    Cool, so no down side in turning ansi_warnins off then? In fact by your suggestion it would even help the lazy developer who will not check for a divide by...

  • RE: Proper Storage and Handling of Personal Names

    Rick-153145 (8/4/2016)

    Just an aside to this, under data protection laws (at least here in the UK), personal data should be stored encrypted, so if that is the case, it really...

  • RE: Proper Storage and Handling of Personal Names

    Knowing my colleagues they would suggest that the database should not be used like this, but may be suitable to have a column that stores JSON for the names. ...

  • RE: Where's the Unit Testing?

    David.Poole (7/26/2016)

    I get the point about 10x data loads but that is stress testing rather than unit testing.

    .....If they have to sit around for 5 minutes or longer waiting for...

  • RE: How do you know when it is time to leave a job?

    Time to leave?

    Hmm, with some companies its the day after I started.

  • RE: Abstraction

    geoff-532101 (6/9/2016)

    I find abstraction overdone, but I am firstly a developer and secondly a DBA. In fact, we write a lot of code precisely to replace tedious DBA involvement, leaving...

  • RE: Abstraction

    hakim.ali (6/7/2016)

    lshanahan (6/7/2016)

    It always makes me scratch my head when developers who practically quote chapter and verse on loose coupling, abstraction and programming to an interface scream bloody murder when...

  • RE: Great Developers

    Eric M Russell (6/2/2016)

    David.Poole (6/2/2016)

    There's a presentation that demonstrates that you may as well not bother with an IT degree because the pace of change is so fast that by...

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