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  • RE: Technology Guilt

    Prof. R.H. Mabry of Clemson wrote a paper about this topic. The paper spends a little too much time dispelling the Phillips curve, but has some great quotes from Nathan...

  • RE: Nonclustered Columnstore with only one rowgroup even with > 1 million rows

    Thanks for the reply and link!

  • RE: SQL beginner needs assistance! ( I know, I know, GREAT! Right?? lol)

    Luis Cazares (12/28/2016) (12/28/2016)

    I need to choose multiple misc. accounts from an account table using a list from one of our accountants and then change to make account active. I...

  • RE: The Hibernate ORM and SQL Server

    SoHelpMeCodd,David.Poole, and IndianRock,

    You are all talking like you are looking right at this system here.

    David.Poole, what you are describing with the plan cache is exactly what is happening. I'm going...

  • RE: The Hibernate ORM and SQL Server

    Indianrock (12/14/2016)

    My immediate goal is to find some small wins that don't require code changes.

    SELECT ResolveFollowUpInvalidDataError02.WORK_QUEUE_ITEM_ID AS PrimaryKey,ResolveFollowUpInvalidDataError02.TRANS_SEQ_NUM AS VersionNumber,SecuredOrganization13.SHORT_NAME AS ClientShortName,FollowUpDataError14.ERROR_MESSAGE AS ErrorMessage,ResolveFollowUpInvalidDataError02.CREATED_DATE_TIME AS CreatedDateTime,Account16.FINANCED_DATE AS FinancedDate,Account16.BOOKED_DATE...

  • RE: The Hibernate ORM and SQL Server


    Are you able to convert any of the poorly performing hibernate queries to better written stored procedures? Can the app devs consume results from a procedure for some of the...

  • RE: The Hibernate ORM and SQL Server

    Gabriel P (12/14/2016)

    Unfortunately my friend trying to stop this problem before it happens is like trying to ice skate uphill. Database Developers and DBA job requisitions are usually created once...

  • RE: The Hibernate ORM and SQL Server

    I agree that hibernate is extremely powerful, and can allow a company to stand up a fully functioning data driven app very quickly. My hope is that more companies understand...

  • RE: ORM Best or Worst Practices

    Hey Steve,

    I just started writing a tech blog, and one of my proposed topics was my experience with using hibernate and SQL Server. I read the topic "write for...

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)