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  • RE: Democratizing the Microsoft MVP Award

    GilaMonster (2/7/2010)

    Their job isn't technical though, it's managing cats (or worse).

    What I was getting at is that in NA, the leads are divided among tech areas. Different person to lead...

  • RE: Importing SharePoint ULS and IIS Logs into SQL

    Excellent article, very handy. I've previously used Log Parser with IIS logs (blog post), but I think getting them all into SQL is a better idea.


  • RE: Cant Recover Data files

    Tzachir (1/4/2008)

    I’ve seen articles about Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express do you know if this can help me?

    If you don't specify an SQL Server for it to use, WSS...

  • RE: Cant Recover Data files

    If WSS_Content.mdf is current and has all of your content then this should be easy. Shut down WSS and IIS and move your Config DB in SQL. Once...

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)