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  • RE: Do You Really Need Surrogate Keys? Part 1 – Concepts and Methods


    As usual - the amount of difficulty never disappears...

    Surrogate keys are excellent for Referential Integrity - small PK / FK.

    The default of having PK as a clustering one is a...

  • RE: Methods For Converting a Stored Procedure


    The subject in discussion is not practical in an application development domain for obvious reasons.

    From the perspective of DBA/Consultant I can imagine (HARDLY) that sometimes it would be interesting /...

  • RE: Moving Indexes

    My tests do not show any _WA_ :w00t:

  • RE: Moving Indexes

    Stats? I think it would be a good practice to update stats every so often. This is outside the scope of moving indexes... Mmmm?

  • RE: Moving Indexes

    The complete version for SQL2005/2008 is below. It includes schema... plenty of monkeys use multiple schemas..




    @table_schema_name nvarchar(128),

    @table_name nvarchar(128),

    @index_name nvarchar(128),

    @key_ordinal smallint,

    @column_name nvarchar(128),

    @sort_order varchar(50),

    @is_included_column int,

    @index_type_desc varchar(50),

    @unique_type varchar(50),

    @ignore_dup_key varchar(50),

    @fill_factor tinyint,

    @is_padded varchar(50),


  • RE: The BI Guy


    BI implies presense of both - business AND intelligence...

    Decision Support Systems - BI in new speak - is as old a concept as computerised data itself. There are plenty of...

  • RE: Calling COM From T-SQL

    Conceptually, databases are to store and retrieve data - that what they do best.

    Having "ability" doesn't mean you have to use it. As a DBA and developer, I strongly discourage...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)