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  • RE: Can you please anybody one explain?

    techmarimuthu (9/19/2013)

    How to do database migration in Sql server?

    i need basic and step by step instruction.....

    Please help me

    Thanks in advance

    The easiest method is to use Generate Scripts under the database...

  • RE: SSMS closes without warning during query run

    Brandie Tarvin (9/19/2013)

    Does anyone know why SSMS would close without warning during the middle of a query run?

    It's done this to me twice this morning. I do have Statistics_IO and...

  • RE: Build menu with CTE ....

    Sean Lange (9/20/2013)

    Like this?

    order by name

    I think ORDER BY name is what you want. But to get the sort order correct you will need to pad the values with leading...

  • RE: Date Calendar ya go...includes Brian's suggestion for Holidays. I turned it into a stored procedure:

    CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.UTIL_CreateDateCalendar


  • RE: Date Calendar


    I haven't had a chance to review the entire script in detail nor have I gone back to read all the comments so if the following issue has already been...

  • RE: Date Calendar

    Great script! :w00t:


  • RE: CTE

    coolrana.kumar69 (9/7/2013)

    in Which Sensory we use CTE

    I use CTEs now routinely instead of using sub-queries. Just a new way of doing it that seems more clear and structured to...

  • RE: Forum Etiquette: How to post data/code on a forum to get the best help

    Great article Jeff. Perhaps you could add the point that when inserting code into the "Code" IFCode tags that tabs should be converted to spaces before pasting in the code....

  • RE: Soundex Function - Search and Matches

    Start here:

    Post about CONTAINSTABLE

    Full Text Indexing - Text Parsing Routine[/url]


  • RE: What is @Dummy ?

    Hey...I found the answer:

    Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP. 2013-03-24.

    How to Share Data between Stored Procedures

    "Another solution, which requires SQL 2008, comes from Wayne Bloss. He creates a table type that...

  • RE: Zip code --> Distance in google maps

    countryflora13 (8/23/2013)

    So, where do we have to put this script I mean can I put it in my website or what? please explain little more

    One thing I use it for...

  • RE: Beginner Using Procedures

    Let me add to the conversation. Since the procedure's parameters (except for the first one) all have NULL assigned as a default doesn't mean that the parameter will be processed...

  • RE: Automating SSIS package execution

    Once you know what account it's trying to run under (the failure message will tell you), then you can right click on the SSMS shortcut and "Run As" that user...

  • RE: Generate N sequential numbers (fast)

    Jeff Moden (8/15/2013)

    Steven Willis (6/22/2013)


    It looks like you have a winner! I ran a test of DelimitedSplit8K using your method against 3 other methods including the Itzik Ben-Gan method. Your...

  • RE: Virtual tally table function

    I'll make a list of possible changes for review so we can all contribute and not have to do stuff over and over. Thanks.

    1 Negative numbers

    2 Base 0 or 1


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 422 total)