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  • RE: Data Quality - Addressing non-stated requirements

    Good article, and good point about the difficulty in getting non-technical people to realize how much they can contribute. I recall that an Auditor once complimented us on the consistent...

  • RE: Splitting Strings in SQL Server 2016

    "it needs to be escaped using the forward-slash character "\"."

    Sorry to be picky, but you mean the back-slash character. :hehe:

    The real use of OPENJSON will be for structured JSON messages,...

  • RE: SQL Server on Linux

    MS could well implement this as a VM - sort of like a windows-based-docker thing. That would simplify compatibility and versioning.

    As someone whose job involves using linux, mysql, windows, sql-server...

  • RE: Positive or Negative

    I am firmly in the "flag exceptions" camp. So normally I have columns like [disabled], [exclude], [unsubscribed] which default to zero, and are set to 1 to mark the exception....

  • RE: Checking All Date Columns in a Table(s)

    Interesting idea Larry, thanks. Ques: would it be more efficient to do the MIN() and MAX() in one UPDATE?

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)