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  • RE: Katie

    I hope you ask for help in all domains of your life. I also hope you slow down, consider full time work, and evaluate other lifestyle changes.

    Most bankruptcies in this...

  • RE: The 800lb Gorilla

    Google is interesting because its increasing share has had its greatest impact on industry leaders, and actually enabled the small businesses and users.

    We will see how they handle regulation...

  • RE: Archiving

    Much of this activity is required to meet legal requirements. The legal test is purposefully vague, usually it is some variation of the reasonable person test. Would a reasonable person...

  • RE: Separation

    Another interesting problem with a 100 GB database and a 3rd party backup and restore utility. The restore took about an hour ONCE IT GOT STARTED. The backup had been...

  • RE: Ten Ways To Lose Your DBA Job

    what really needs to be done regarding backups and several other of the issues raised here is documentation what the curent procedures do or do not do, and if they...

  • RE: This is Good

    The photo reminded me that I regularly got bicycles stolen growing up - not much will stop a thief from cutting a steel lock with an aluminum oxide blade on a...

  • RE: SQL Server 2005 Service Accounts

    How rare is rare for you?

    Steve wrote:

    For each service, using separate accounts makes it a pain to setup, but you only do that rarely. And you should change those passwords...

  • RE: Question regarding Enterprise Edition vs. Standard Edition of SQL Server 2005

    Has anyone figured out how to calculated the value of online indexing and restore? Is there a white paper on this?


  • RE: Live or Memorex?

    It seems like what the presenters often need is some bandwidth to RDP into a test system, and then run the show from there. The client to do the RDP...

  • RE: Copying tables of different names

    what about

    insert into table_to_add

    select * from table_with_data


  • RE: Windows Utilities for the SQL Server DBA

    I am looking for a replacement for ping, ideally it will do a continuous ping and keep a running tally of the longest n number of ping times.


  • RE: Using XP_EXECRESULTSET To Obtain Database Size Information and More

    Really neat. Thanks.

    I appreciated the cut and paste script in the comments. The graphic image of the script in the article was frustrating.



  • RE: Database Commenting Guideline

    It would be nice to have more elaborate examples.

    Sample code commenting style would make a great little web site.

  • RE: Achieving Server Redundancy at Remote Offices

    I'm not sure I follow these IP addresses:


    Production Server: Name : PROD1 IP : XXX.XX.XX.223

    Secondary Server: Name : LOGSHIP1 IP : XXX.XX.XX.224

    We create an alias like this:

    Alias : Name :...

  • RE: The Largest Database

    Seems like the critical measures of database size are row count, transaction per second, user count and model complexity.

    Any thoughts on other metrics to measure size with?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)