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  • RE: T-SQL

    As mentioned by Rich B, you can cross the seconds boundary. It depends when you execute.

    2009-11-16 10:48:29.997Monday

    2009-11-16 10:48:29.997Monday

    2009-11-16 15:48:30.000Monday

    2009-11-16 15:48:30.000Monday

  • RE: adp,parameters in functions, subsequent views

    I've never done this with views, but stored procedures wortk like a charm.

    The trick is in the Access ado form property called Input Parameter.

    You place and equalization between your stored...

  • RE: Float Field Evalutes to Both 0 '0' and Empty

    Thanks Michael! That answers alot. I was just suprised to see this conversion action taking place during a where clause, but it at least it makes some sense...

  • RE: Use IIF or other function in Report expression Help

    How about a coalesce statement? This would provide the first non-null entry amountst the 4 date values

    Select COALESCE(date1,date2,date3,date4) as Stage

    from ......


    You could also rever the pattern to check date4...

  • RE: MS Access data to SQL 2005

    I would start the process with the Access upsize wizard utility. Since they want to end up with an Access viewer, the upsize wizard wizard will give you two...

  • RE: Question about SSMS/BIDS shortcut

    If I'm not mistaken, you can highlight all the colums you want to change with a ctrl-click or shift-click. Then make the data type change on the right side...

  • RE: Code use in RS

    What error message is being thrown?

  • RE: Importing a text file

    Looks like you're being handed a report or screen copy. You can try to run 7 different imports to stagin tables, 1 for each report header line, then one...

  • RE: import flat file through SSIS

    I don't have a solution, but shouldn't it be "toys 'r us" with a single quote before the r? Maybe the data can be corrected before you receive it?

  • RE: Ragged dest file doesn''t like truncating values

    Have you tried to change the error handling section for the data source object? You can set the Truncation portion to ignore failure.

    Right click on your data source and...

  • RE: Reporting Service - Group Page Break Problem while exporting to Excel

    I'm guessing that the pdf is throwing out the initial page break while excel is keeping it. Try changing the Page break at start to a page break at...

  • RE: Middle Join

    I tried to find a "Middle Join" definition thinking they added something new to 2005 which might be helpful.

  • RE: Import Excel to MS Access Problem

    Can you convert the item to text in the select statement?

    SELECT CAST([Item #] as varchar(20)) , [Description], [Pack Size], [Price] FROM

    [Database=C:\Test.xls;Excel 8.0;HDR=Yes;IMEX=2].[Sheet1$] Where

    [Item #] Is Not Null

  • RE: Sum of grouped data

    It looks like you are summing the sqm total over each widget type, not over the entire dataset.

    (See underlined)

    Widget factory 1

    Widget type 1 50 - 1000 sqm

    Widget type 2 75...

  • RE: From Access to SQL

    I agree. A master adp is the way to go. I created a version table visible through a Help...About menu and placed some version checking in the software....

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 60 total)