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  • RE: SQL Server Jobs

    dawryn (11/26/2009)

    Another QoD turned sour

    And it will be covered with educational purposes :Whistling:

    Hey, but at least we learned something, right?

    Oh, wait...

  • RE: Variables, Nulls and Coalesce

    Nice question.

    Along the same lines of "no rows returned, do nothing", I have a feeling that it may be a case of "400 rows returned, assign 400 values to the...

  • RE: String Parsing Hell

    mtassin (11/19/2009)

    So far so good... except the CNXN doesn't work still.


    OK, that's my fault again. You did mention that one and I didn't add it to the test data...

  • RE: String Parsing Hell

    You're right, and looking at it closer the code is actually putting 6.10 as a more recent version than 6.3 (10 > 3 in the way the logic is done)


  • RE: String Parsing Hell

    Hi Mark,

    So it works in 2000 I've had to do away with CTEs so this looks a little convoluted. This looks to work on your test set?

    It's a starting...

  • RE: Interviewing

    Hi ladies and gents, sorry about digging up an oldie...

    sheepoo (2/23/2006)

    Here are my two cents:

    We spent the last 4 months looking for a Business Analyst who would come with a...

  • RE: Data Import

    Excellent question, stewartc, thank you!

    I wish you had set this question a long time ago, this could have saved some people some work... How did this slip under my...

  • RE: What Book's to Refer the Pl/SQl in SQlserver 2005


    What you are referring to there (PL/SQL) is Oracle and not SQL Server, which is probably why you're having issues finding anything relating to that. Try looking for T-SQL,...

  • RE: Getting started with SQL Azure

    bwieland (10/22/2009)

    Jacob and others,

    I may be a neophyte, but I am curious as to what you and others believe the Azure environment will provide over an existing IIS and web...

  • RE: Script component question

    Couldn't you just use a flat file source in the data flow task, and use a script task in the control flow before the data flow task to set the...

  • RE: In, Not In. Why does one work but not the other?

    GilaMonster (10/16/2009)

    One word. Nulls.

    Ah, beat me to it...

    some test data to corroborate:

    --create test tables

    create table #iseries_file (edinumber char(20),variousotherstuff varchar(200))

    create table #contract (con_edipolnum char(20),con_status int)

    --populate test data

    insert into #iseries_file

    select '123456','vt 54...

  • RE: Varchar or Char?

    Thanks Hugo, another gold nugget of SQL "under the hood".

    Just thought I would add my thanks, and also tag this discussion as I dare say it will be...

  • RE: AND & OR

    cengland0 (10/14/2009)

    I would agree except the question did not say, Why doesn't this produce the expected result of 56? It was not a troubleshooting question but a question about...

  • RE: AND & OR

    Very good question in my book.

    All too often you get guys spending hours debugging code and scratching heads when all along it was just someone chuffed up a datatype previously.


  • RE: T-SQL 2008

    Steve Vassallo (10/1/2009)

    I would have to think the question if faulty in some way when close to 85% of the people answering it are getting it wrong.. IN my time...

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