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  • RE: Physical or Virtual Storage

    mig28mx - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 1:34 PM

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor - Friday, October 27, 2017...

  • RE: Physical or Virtual Storage

    Hi Steve,
         You may get more  feedback on this than you know what to do with. There are a lot of small shops out there like the one I...

  • RE: Writing Better T-SQL: Top-Down Design May Not be the Best Choice

    I have seen many good and thoughtful comments on here about Mickey's article.

    In general what Mickey states is mostly counter to my experiences but like so many things in the...

  • RE: Sproc returns different number of records...

    Thanks Sanjay,

    I have seen some strange things with collations too.

    Unfortunately, I am running both the package and the sproc against the same sql server database. So,...

  • RE: BACKUP failed to complete the command

    Hi Koltron,

           Interesting idea, using an installer as a script engine to back up your databases.

    Why not just use the job engine that is built in to the Sql Server?


  • RE: LogShipping & Full Database BackUps

    Hello Bernd,

         Performing a full database backup on a log shipping primary will break the transaction log backup chain. This will prevent you from restoring more transaction logs to the...

  • RE: Can 2005 be backed up onto a 2000 machine?

    Hi TScott,

         No. The database structures are different. You can not restore a Sql 2005 database on Sql 2000.


    If you have additional questions about this please reply to me. Unfortunately,...

  • RE: Error 17882 UMS Context non-yielding on Scheduler 0

    Hello Folks,

         The 17883 errors are very simply Sql Server's way of telling you that some thread that was executing did not release the cpu for more than 60 seconds....

  • RE: Tempdb is growing bigger

    Hello Prakash,

         The way to find out why your tempDB is growing is to use the profiler to create a trace you can use to monitor it.

    The tempDB is used...

  • RE: Migration of Databases to New SQL Server - HELP

    Hi Folks,

         I have a list of articles that I send to customers that are moving databases or going through a disaster recovery. It covers a lot of ground, but seems...

  • RE: dynamic sql vs. clustered index scan

    Another reason to move the master lookup table into seperate lookup tables is that the master does not scale well. You are performing a clustered index scan. A clustered index...

  • RE: Backup Query

    You can also query the msdb directly. Backup information is stored in 4 tables here. The following query will pull most of the physical information out of them for a...

  • RE: Restore database

    When you restore a database the sprocs are indeed recompiled the next time they are run. This is usually very fast, however very complex sprocs can take up a minute or so...

  • RE: Restore error

    Hi JP,

       The error means that somehow your backups got out of sequence. To figure out what happened you can look at the header information on your backups to see...

  • RE: The Scheduler 0 appears to be hung. SPID 6, ECID 0, UMS Context 0x03CE3440

    Hi pneth,

       For the scenario you have given this mostly to be expected.

    17883 errors are reporting that a thread executing in the Sql process space did not release the CPU...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)