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  • RE: The IT Cowboy

    Jon, I believe we call them 'Contractors' I know I have picked up the remains of 'in-out' coders before and I'm...

  • RE: The Evil Empire

    When I took 431 I must admit I found it pretty easy. But it has such a wide scope it means you need to know a lot. ...

  • RE: MCDBA Vs MCITP which is better???


    You will also pick up which are the new features and then get infuriated being unable to use them to solve problems

  • RE: very large database, flaky internet connection, constantly having to snapshot

    How large is very large?

    How much new data do you get daily?

    Transactional Replication load depends on the number of changes not the size of the db and the servers and...

  • RE: Free''''ing Up Physical Disk Space

    Instead of using Shrinkdatabase you can use dbcc shrinkfile.

    This allows you to shrink specific files.

    First look in taskpad view in Enterprise Manager at your DBs and see...

  • RE: Easy Listening

    The main thing about an album as opposed to a collection of songs is it needs to flow.

    Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon is the best example I...

  • RE: A Special Announcement from Andy, Brian, and Steve

    Totally agree on the dependence on MS products for the user of this site. Most products built on dbs are not likely to jump from one DB to...

  • RE: removing a duplicate entry that is also a FK in another table

    My understanding of your initial problem is that you have some rows which had productCondtionId = 0 and some productCondtionId = 1

    But both mean "damaged"


    update tblReturnProducts


  • RE: Exam Thoughts 70-441

    Totally agree with the earlier comment on Indexes with no real ideal candidate. However I believe this does actually capture the spirit of the role. You...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 12 Dec 2006

    insert the following into the script:

    declare @var varchar(30)

    declare c1 cursor for

    select mychar from mytable where mychar = 'abc'

    open c1

    fetch next from c1 into @var



    select '@var =...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 12 Dec 2006

    I think this is because SQL ignores trailing white space when comparing strings.

    edit the script with

    insert mytable select 'abc '

    insert mytable select 'abc'

    select * from mytable...

  • RE: Getting Away

    Four weeks holiday is a legal minimum in the UK, 5 is considered more normal and anything over 25 days is generous. Plus we get about 9 bank...

  • RE: MCDBA Vs MCITP which is better???

    I would recommend the MCITP on the basis that it is more current and has less exams.

    If you can use 2005 you should be able to use...

  • RE: Getting Away


    Never really thought about southern England as being remote due to all the towns, motorways, planes etc.

    However from your perspective it probably seems more like that.

    However from reading...

  • RE: Getting Away

    I agree with Michael,

    I was in the cape for New Year a couple of years ago and it was 27 degrees when I stepped off the plane.

    They apologised...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 83 total)