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  • RE: DB Mirroring and Log Shipping


    We can set up Mirroring and log shipping on the same database. Below is the link that explains how it works.


  • RE: One Node in Cluster has completely failed and we need to rebuild the cluster

    Just to add a check point

    Once the cluster node is built and added to the MSCS cluster. Please validate the cluster setup.

    After installing SQL Server, Test the cluster by performing...

  • RE: Upgrade SQL server 05 to 08R2

    Hi Satish,

    To clear your doubt, Whenever SQL Server is upgraded to a higher version it means that the Database Engine gets upgraded to new version.

    From the user point of view...

  • RE: Upgrade SQL server 05 to 08R2


    Check if SQL Services are up and running post upgrade

    check if you were able to login to the SQL Server using SA account

    If the upgrade is successful then see if...

  • RE: Cluster on SQL Server 2008 R2

    In Active Passive clustering, Instance1 would be active on node1 and on node2 SQl Services will be in stopped state. When ever a failover happens the SQl resource group will...

  • RE: Slow Transaction Log Deletes?

    Have you tried re-cycling SQL Services instead of System Reboot. This would differentiate if the problem is at the instance level or at the server level.

  • RE: Memory management in sqlserver.

    You can use the sys.dm_os_memory_clerks dynamic management view (DMV) to get detailed information about memory allocation by the server components in SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Some of the...

  • RE: Transaction Log file Deletion or movement?

    To simplify the fix for you

    What is the backup strategy you have implemented for these databases?

    You need to have log backups at regular intervals inorder to manage your transaction log...

  • RE: orphaned Users

    Attaching and restoring databases from one server instance to another are common tasks executed by a DBA.If we move our database to another SQL Server instance through any process, the...

  • RE: Server Upgrade

    Check Windows EventLog to figure out who has connected. Probably this might give you a clue.

  • RE: foreign key - sql



    Can u give a small example of which type of data should be removed.

    It would be better if u give sample data for both the Primary table and Reference table. And an...

  • RE: Ways to Determine the Version and SP of SQL Server

    Thanks, for the information provided. but it will be a great help if anyone could send a list of patches released and what patches are included in the service pack



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