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  • RE: Scalar variable

    Can you include the full code with the sp_xml_preparedocument statement and also indicate how you are running the script?

    I took your code and included sp_xml_preparedocument in the last line and...

  • RE: access variable outside dynamic query

    Question, just out of curiosity, why the dynamic sql execution required in this scenario as direct sql seems to do the job?

    or am I missing some thing - see below...

  • RE: Does redundant code effect Performance ?

    In my view, redundant code

    a) any unnecessary code is a performance overhead. But to what extent it affects depends on the scenario. Think of this code being called from a...

  • RE: Retrieve all rows from 2 tables, but they don't have a common key ?

    One option is to use full outer join to get details from both the tables including missed records from either of them

    See whether following sample helps

    Declare @tableA Table

    (SerialNo varchar(4),


  • RE: Performance tuning of an SP


    1. Did you put the trace and find out the time taken by the queries in

    side the stored procedure. I looked at the SP, see...

  • RE: Syntax error I can't understand

    there is an extra opening bracket not closed....

  • RE: Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime???

    This could be due to the date conversion happening from string to date in the where clause

    AND MWAPPTS.ADATE BETWEEN CAST(Convert(varchar(100),

    @StartDate, 101) as DateTime) AND CAST(Convert(varchar(100),

    @EndDate, 101) as DateTime)


  • RE: Performance tuning of an SP

    Some of my thoughts below - Hope it helps

    1. Using profiler findout the time taken for each of the step

    Getting Levels

    Getting Parameters


  • RE: How to calculate a Total avg column in Matrix?

    One option is to use the Custom Scripting option.

    Not sure whether this is the best way.

    Following is a sample script to put in the Code section of report

    public function GetAvg(byval...

  • RE: ssis

    This could be due to data conversion related issues.

    See following link in case you haven't done already

  • RE: Help with Error Checking


    There is still a print statement in the code

    PRINT N' sp_OAGetErrorInfo failed.';

    You need to put this one also into @output variable, otherwise, if there is a error calling oageterrorinfo,...

  • RE: stored procedure issue

    It is still not clear to me.

    Assuming the requirement "web application need to display the dependency information of the stored procedure being executed".

    This has two parts

    a) executing stored...

  • RE: stored procedure issue


    Sorry to interrupt in middle,

    I was bit concerned what you are trying to do here. Could you please post more details on your requirement?.

    If you decide to use sp_depends (in...

  • RE: stored procedure issue

    Did you try sp_depends?

  • RE: Help with Error Checking

    The default sp_oaDisplayErrorInfo seem to display the error using print statements. As such it does not seem to return the error back as a parameter.

    You may have to customize...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 137 total)