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  • RE: The CLR

    I have used it a couple of times for task that could be done using T-SQL. Its very slow.

    Its more useful to write code which could be understood by...

  • RE: All About Transactions - Part 1


    I have never new that there is so much about transactions. Its really a very good article.


  • RE: Can I SELECT FROM a Stored PROC?


    You got to create a function which returns a table.

    CREATE FUNCTION test_function

     (@p1  int, @p2 char)

    RETURNS @table_var TABLE

     (c1 int, c2 int)



     INSERT into @table_var (c1 , c2)

     SELECT 1, 2





  • RE: Re-Indexing

    Why dont you try the option ALTER INDEX REORGANISE option to defragment the index.

    Otherwise Upgrade the system configuration. If possible have a Dual processor and place the index on a...

  • RE: SQL Connection Errors


    To My knowledge if ur code is fine just have a look at the query that you are executing, possible the query u r executing is taking lot of time...

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)