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  • RE: An Example of Test-Driven Development, Part 4

    Fascinating series of articles, I have been developing a bit of an offshoot to these procedures and only stumbled upon this articles by accident.

    My variation on this takes a copy...

  • RE: SSIS File Exists Over Range of Time

    Interesting view on building a "File watch" process. I have built similar solutions but I tend not to use VB to control the delay as I recall the CPU usage...

  • RE: Unnamed Parameters


    Not sure if this is related but I had an issue using DB2 and unnamed parameters with SSRS.

    With trial and error I found out the following:

    Put a ? in place...

  • RE: Difference between Truncate and Delete

    I was wondering if you could clear up a issue someone once raised with me.

    The chap told me one of the other differences between a Truncate and a Delete...

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)