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  • RE: Artilces specify which SQL version it is applicable?

    Yes, for example, sample codes, solutions with EXCEPT is for version 2005 and above. Then an article is for 2008 and above, and another is 2012 only.

    This is beginner...

  • RE: How to Make Scalar UDFs Run Faster (SQL Spackle)

    Great article! I learned something so simple and elegant with just one line.

  • RE: Design

    Isn't it if a field does not allow nulls, then a person can never go home until he gets the one small detail entered into the row. I imagine...

  • RE: backup database

    I thought this was on error then rollback. I remember you could test a backup without anything really happening, just a test to see if the wirings, pipes and...

  • RE: full text word counts

    I am working on something similar to this based on the way others get the word count in these comm:

    SELECT Col1, LEN(Col1) - LEN(REPLACE(Col1, ' ', '')) + 1

    FROM Table1


  • RE: Searching for Plans

    I wouldn't be surprised if the 3GB RAM, 250GB HD, quad-core i5 laptop will run the processes (including the messy ones) faster than the production server of 3 years ago.

  • RE: Group by

    I got the answer right, after a long series of wrongs.

    Hugo Kornelis (9/6/2010)

    Good question!

    1. FROM clause. Build an intermediate set as a copy of the single table in the FROM...

  • RE: HAVING without GROUP BY

    Another good one. I have been losing points lately but I don't miss them.

    {Sorry, I meant I was losing, not getting, points lately but its alright. Now I hope...

  • RE: SET ROWCOUNT and table variable

    Please try to see the trailing decimal digits using

    print convert(decimal(38,36),@i)

    I think the 1st example behaved well because it was dealing with an even number (8), while the...

  • RE: SET ROWCOUNT and table variable

    Carlo Romagnano (8/26/2010)

    To compare two floating point I use this syntax:

    IF ABS(varFloat1 - varFloat2) < 0.01 -- place here the precision you want

    print 'varFloat1 = varFloat2'



  • RE: SET ROWCOUNT and table variable

    Yah, it works. I never thought (@variable) in select would work...

    Does this work in SQL 2000?

    I remember vaguely reaching a wall on that thus I had to...

  • RE: SET ROWCOUNT and table variable

    Thanks Hugo, for the well-thought out answers you often give to us.

    Hugo Kornelis (8/26/2010)

    Last comment, and then I'll shut up (for now)

    Open Minded (8/26/2010)

    isn't it possible to use approximation if...

  • RE: SET ROWCOUNT and table variable

    isn't it possible to use approximation if one is not specific of the exact value of the approximation, like "less than" and "greater than" ?

  • RE: Inception

    I watched the movie twice in iMax screens, would watch it a 3rd time and eagerly waiting the blu-ray for it.

    I think better ideas come when one has a broader...

  • RE: Round up or down I

    It surprises me why round() acts like floor() when numbers are integers.

    I usually prefer the denominator having the ".0" but it is only a matter of preference as...

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