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  • RE: Computed Columns

    Thanks jghali and keep them coming! I saw this question and knew I'd get it wrong because some parts were vague, but vague questions are what we deal with...

  • RE: How many rows are returned from the query below?

    This is a great question, if nothing else for the comments it's generated. It contains both a CTE and a cross join, and it appears that some are unfamiliar with...

  • RE: Easy Error Trapping When Using xp_cmdshell

    Dealing with xp_cmdshell is even easier than this... it shouldn't be enabled. Article really should have mentioned that somewhere; "...can be a security problem in some environments" is an understatement.

  • RE: Rowcount

    fallenstudent (1/29/2010)

    I also tested the code and got 1,1.

    So I would have had the wrong answer even testing the code?

    Nobody can tell if you would have had the right or...

  • RE: Rowcount

    Another QOTD where either the answer is "It depends" and/or inadequate information is given. I knew that the answer was (x,1) but there's not enough information to determine x. If...

  • RE: T-SQL

    I'll chime in as well to say that IN is an operator. See BOL for list of Logical Operators

  • RE: All-in-one

    This makes me think of Anton Chigurh's quote from No Country for Old Men "That's foolish. You pick the one right tool."

  • RE: Conditional Set-Based Processing: Moving Towards a Best Practice for ETL

    @jeff Moden - Can't do anything about you getting "knocked" but I can say Thanks for your always thoughtful and insightful posts that add a great deal to...

  • RE: SQL Server Jobs

    I had to laugh at the LOLCats spelling of Enterprise as Enterprize! Too bad the question wasn't written in LOLCats as well... "I can haz SQL j0bz in which edishunz?":-D

  • RE: compatibility level

    Good question, the "sp_compatibilitylevel" choice almost tricked me into getting confused with sp_dbcmptlevel (which gives the compatibility level if you just pass the database name parameter alone).


    Carlo Romagnano (11/3/2009)

    Noel McKinney (11/3/2009)

    This is the main reason I make it a habit to use COALESCE rather than ISNULL unless there's a reason I need the behavior of ISNULL.



    This is the main reason I make it a habit to use COALESCE rather than ISNULL unless there's a reason I need the behavior of ISNULL.

  • RE: Introduction to Indexes

    Thanks Gail for mentioning that "When an index scan is done on the clustered index, it’s a table scan in all but name." Many folks think that performance is always...

  • RE: B-tree

    Tom Garth (9/30/2009)

    SQL Server indexes are organized in a B-tree structure. The "B" in B-tree stands for what?

    The question is specifically referring to SQL Server indexes. The Microsoft definition would...

  • RE: Choosing a FillFactor

    Fill factor of 100 with PAD_INDEX = ON for reference (lookup) tables. While the fill factor of 100 is the same as 0 I like that this syntax is more...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 61 total)