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  • RE: Displaying Hierarchical Data

    RonKyle - Friday, August 31, 2018 7:37 AM

    This method seems like it has a lot of drawbacks.  Even the article...

  • RE: Displaying Hierarchical Data

    If this is the data you have to work with then it is a nice elegant solution 

    But when dealing with hierarchical data I prefer the Nested Set Model

  • RE: Nasty Fast PERCENT_RANK

    Great article.

    Can someone explain the following to me please

    So now we know the window aggregate function is the culprit. Since weโ€™re not partitioning the data yet (but will in a...

  • RE: Insert Stored Procedure Results Into New Table Without Using OPENQUERY

    You offer a very creative solution that has the ability to have dynamic columns. However, practically since you almost always need to know the columns names any way to...

  • RE: How many Records are Returned?

    Hugo Kornelis (6/29/2014)

    Got it wrong.

    I hate these questions where a declaration bad practice is buried under a heap of distracting code. I know that this happens in real code too,...

  • RE: How many Records are Returned?

    pmadhavapeddi22 (6/30/2014)

    Why this question is worth 4 points ?:hehe:

    Yeah I don't know, that wasn't my call.

  • RE: SQL Server 2012 Concat

    Thanks nice and easy, I knew this one from experience.:blush:

  • RE: Temp Tables revisited

    I really didn't care for this question, you must fix all errors regardless of the order they appear.

    I selected the wrong answer with the User error, which was half right.

  • RE: ALL clause in SQL Server

    zerko (6/18/2013)

    When I need to write this sort of query, I use "NOT IN" , instead of "<> ALL" - Seems to do the same thing, and easier to understand...

  • RE: Alias Usage

    I have made the mistake of missing a comma one to many times. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • RE: Temp Tables

    Thanks for the question. I only remember this from a different compiler question.


    Yeah, it was just something I came across recently. A negative made it into a replication of spaces making the entire field null. Took a little bit of...


    Thank you for the question.

  • RE: INTO Identities

    However in SQL Server 2012, this does not appear to be the case

    So the answer is No.

  • RE: Table Variable

    Thank you, I learned something this morning.

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