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  • RE: Index IDs

    Good Question, got me two days in a row...

  • RE: Trailing

    Wow!!! Did not see that one coming.... :laugh:

  • RE: Temporary tables and Table variables storage

    Good Question, I almost tripped up on that one, attempted to over think it...

  • RE: Where's the error?

    Good Question, I took the obvious answer, but because it was QOD, I was expecting a "got ya".

  • RE: The Clone Limits

    Good Question, did not know that this command existed...


    Not crazy about how the question was formatted, however I did learn something.

  • RE: Max DB Size for SQL Server Express

    Sorry everyone!!!!

    I did leave a key element out of the question (as discussed in the last seven pages).

    Just arrive back from vacation to see my inbox flood with frustrated people...

  • RE: Insert without a PK

    Oppps - I think we need to wait to MST (Mountain Standard Time) gets to work to find out what happened.

  • RE: Code Reviews

    Good Editorial.

    We peer review all production changes including DBA scripts as part of our Release Management process. This is part of our ITIL compliance.

  • RE: SQL Jobs

    What environment was this tested in?

    Why is there no supporting documentation from something like MSDN or Technet?

  • RE: Reading Logs

    Thank you, good question Steve.

    Thank you Tony Davis & Gail Shaw for your help in knowing this answer.

  • RE: Limitations of MongoDb

    To quote from Eric's article: "In not having foreign key constraints I am at the mercy of every application and database developer to ensure data integrity is persisted."

    In my learning...

  • RE: Measuring Career Growth

    Now that it is five years later since Tim has published this article, has he thought about writing a follow up on it?

  • RE: Maximum number of databases per instance

    Wow, that all. Well, I guess I will inform my team that thing might get a little tight. Maybe the next version will give us a little more...

  • RE: Drop Database

    Good Question, I had to test this one out....

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 93 total)