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  • RE: Implementing John Conway's Game of Life in Microsoft SQL Server

    Have you tried implementing a Genetic Algorithm in SQL?

  • RE: Email Formatted HTML Table with T-SQL

    Why are we still emailing tables of data?

    Can't we have whatever triggering event send a link for a full-featured data explorer to our preferred communication provider (email/sms/tweet/etc)?

    I mean......

  • RE: Transactions

    I assumed it was a trick so I chose incorrectly despite looking at the right answer.

    It proves that I didn't know the answer as confidently as I should have known.

  • RE: Which type of Numbers?

    Sean Pearce (9/16/2014)

    And this relates to SQL Server how? I am not here for maths lessons.

    I agree. Though I do like maths lessons, I'm not sure what I was...

  • RE: Another Way to Look at Trees

    Isn't this a DIY version of recursive CTE?

  • RE: Basics of Dimensional Modeling

    piotrka (9/9/2014)

    Great topic, very short article. I think you should follow with more details. For example; try to explain why the year Dimension only has 2 columns.

    I agree....

  • RE: Stairway to T-SQL: Beyond The Basics Level 6: Using the CASE Expression and IIF Function

    I was surprised you didn't discuss case inside aggregate functions.

    before PIVOT existed we used something like this:



    ,fieldA = max( case when attribute="A" then value else ''...


    Are you using the right tool for the job?

    I imagine the T-SQL solutions provided so far are clever (but they looked too complicated for me to casually understand & appreciate...

  • RE: EAV

    in case you haven't already seen it: Dave's Guide to the EAV

    highly recommended.

  • RE: What is your default database set to?

    Mauve (11/14/2013)

    I assign all of my SQL Server logins to the tempdb as the default database. NEVER master. This way no harm can be done by an application...

  • RE: ISNUMERIC(varchar)

    if "101" had been an option I'd have chosen it (and been wrong)

    I would not have expected isnumeric('$') to be 0

  • RE: STR

    I try to figure these out from in-memory knowledge rather than BOL...

    Can you clarify for those who assumed you were being tricky using a string casting function on already-a-string?

    STR (...

  • RE: CTE

    L' Eomot Inversé (9/25/2013)

    Carlo Romagnano (9/25/2013)

    CTE is usefull only in recursive query for tally table:

    Then presumably all language features that provide simplified expressions to replace complexity are useless, in your...

  • RE: Dynamic Query

    Why would anyone generate dynamic sql with comments in the to-be-executed string?!

    These subtleties of line-commented block-comment and comments-with-comments defeats the whole purpose of comments: to clarify what should be...

  • RE: Disable [guest] database user in [msdb] database

    Christian Buettner-167247 (9/23/2013)

    sknox (9/23/2013)

    So if you don't need the features that rely on guest access, you can disable it in msdb?

    So the correct answer should be "It depends on the...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 137 total)