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  • RE: Backup and Recovery

    My answer to this question is and was Yes.

    Even though it wasn't stated that a full backup was made before the transaction log backup, you would normally assume it, and...

  • RE: Included index

    Answer should be C.

    Even though it is not a new feature in 2008, it still is what it is (non key columns included...).

  • RE: SQL Trace

    The only thing that you could say is that it was not 100% clear if the question was related to all server side traces, because with c2 audit mode, the...

  • RE: DB File Extension

    Please don't confuse "database files" with "data files".

    A database is more than just a data file.

  • RE: Sort Order - Include Null al last

    Only option 2 gives result as shown in the question, but reading back the question, I get really confused if that even was what was asked.

    The question is to have...

  • RE: Dynamic Management Views

    I'm not sure if I fully agree on the options relating to the reuse of the query plan or code.

    As far as I know the execution_count is the number to...


    I've answered the question correctly, but... Maybe the answer should have been "Can't be determined". Since the rand function is used there might be a very, very, very small chance...

  • RE: Storage Size

    Randomly choose an answer since all were wrong (25% chance I would choose the "right" one).

    Based on BOL "Estimate the size of a heap" (Row_Size = Fixed_Data_Size + Variable_Data_Size +...


    I think the question was asked in a wrong way (or I read it in a wrong way).

    I answered "WHEN NOT MATCHED", as most others.

    That is the part that is...

  • RE: Writeback OLAP Data

    Here is the information concerning AS 2005:

  • RE: Combining Rows

    Drew Mayo (10/26/2007)

    Kelvin Lush (10/25/2007)

    I see nothing wrong with this question. It is basically trying to test whether you are using the ANSI standard JOIN syntax or the older syntax...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 20 Jul 2007

    I don't agree with what is said to be the "correct answer" (B).

    First of all, with SQL Profiler it is possible to see the "set ansi_null on/off" with the ExistingConnection event.


  • RE: Starting and Stopping SQL Server Part 1

    It's a shame that the author didn't take into consideration the fact that a SQL Server might be clustered.

    In that case the only correct way of stopping the server...

Viewing 13 posts - 151 through 163 (of 163 total)