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  • RE: Pulling My Hair Out

    I find it interesting that you would say a tivo is stable, isn't that like saying a toaster is stable?  I mean it is a single function device that you...

  • RE: Where Logic Lives

    Some business logic can ber *very* complex and therefore can threaten the databases ability to scale. What we may think is easy today may become very complex 1 or 2...

  • RE: Where Logic Lives

    I can only speak from experience. I was with my last company for four+ years. I worked on the enterprise architecture as the company grew from 1 million to 20...

  • RE: Where Logic Lives

    Interesting topic.

    Of course referential integrity belongs at the database, the database has to be responsible for ensuring the data is as valid as posisble.

    Scenario: I put my business logic in...

  • RE: Sp with Subquery/where statement

    Yes, dynamic SQL is useful, I just dont like it.  Sometimes it is a matter of table design that can remove the need to query using a dynamic table name...

  • RE: Sp with Subquery/where statement

    It's actually quite simple.

    inside a string two single quotes next to each other embeds on quote in the string, therefore:

    'It''s going to rain on Michael''s head today'

    would create the following...

  • RE: Lookup Table Design

    I would prefer ID, Code, Description where ID is identity int and Code is unique.  Not sure I care if description is unique although I can see that as a...

  • RE: Lookup Table Design

    Ok, I am sorry - not really - but this is design madness. 

    Seperate tables for...

  • RE: make a better query

    I would also recommend UNION ALL

    Of course I would prefer to see a more normalized table

  • RE: Roll your own replication

    I prefer option 1 with the following suggestions

    give each machine an ID

    in your master database tables include the following

    machineid column

    identity column


    that allows you to know immediately if you have imported...

  • RE: How do I display row number with records?

    If you want soemthing like rownum, ad an identity column.

  • RE: Configure Analysis Services for the web

    If you are looking for a free web based solution then click this



    you will have to join the group if I remember correctly.  it is a very helpful and...

  • RE: Stored Procedure and Joins

    Glad to be of assistance!


    I just love SQL, now Microsoft, where is that natural join syntax I've been waiting for, I'd like to save some typing!


    And wouldn't everyone just love...

  • RE: non clustered index strategy?

    Ok, I must ask, why would you ever query on ID and Dept if ID is unique?  If I am selecting a record and I use a where with a...


    You need to be really careful with this for a couple of reasons, first, a #temp table is stored in the tempdb which can cause tempdb bloat, second, if the...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)