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  • RE: Arithmetic Operation Results

    [font="Courier New"]select 100 / (100 / 108)[/font]

    is a similar example that yields "Divide by zero error encountered" - a strange backdoor to getting this error.txtPost_CommentEmoticon(';-)');

  • RE: How to uninstall SSAS

    I tried the method described in the link for changing from Tabular to Multidimensional, in SQL Server 2014. Worked great - thanks.

  • RE: SQLServerCentral apologizes and you can win a book

    -- Create sample data

    -- Each Poster gets their name (I'm pretending their name is unique),

    -- a posting ID, a flag to confirm their post has an...

  • RE: SQL Server 2012 Exam 70-462 practice questions

    Measure Up provides the sample questions that come with the exam Training Kit series of books. These 150 to 200 sample questions are a good complement to the book content....


    Thanks Tom - I have noted that the ROUTINE_DEFINITION that SQL Server seems to be constrained only to the FIRST 4000 characters, rather than 4000 character "chunks". This makes...

  • RE: search&replace in storedprocs

    SQL Server 2005 has some improved ways to search the text of a stored procedure, addressing the SQL Server issue of the difficulty in finding search strings that are split...

  • RE: Using SP & TMP tables in place of multiple views

    Hi Mike,

    I noticed a typo in a bit of the code - see correction below



    INSERT INTO #tmp1 -- this temp table is created ALWAYS in the...

  • RE: Using SP & TMP tables in place of multiple views

    How about this approach?   Assume this is a stored proc that will simulate the output of View1, which itself references View2, which itself references View3

    CREATE PROCEDURE CallingProcForView1



    if not exists (select * from sysobjects...

  • RE: TSQL Faster Than Stored Procedure?

    hmm, you also might want to consider adding a couple of indexes to your view - you need to start with a unique clustered index, but then you could add...

  • RE: database table search

    Are the table names and field names consistent for the different databases?  Are the inconsistencies limited to the field sizes and field values?

  • RE: TSQL Faster Than Stored Procedure?

    Using a view in a stored proc that is then filtered based on a parameter value from the stored proc "encourages" SQL Server to generalize the solution - ie fully instantiated the...

  • RE: Row number

    -- First, simulate your table...


    ( Address VARCHAR(29), Name VARCHAR(20) )

    INSERT INTO @Person (Address,Name)

    VALUES ('NewYork','abc')

    INSERT INTO @Person (Address,Name)

    VALUES ('CA','DEF')

    -- Next,...

  • RE: Help in script....variable returns 0....

    You will need to also check the column type, as you can't expect to find empty strings in numeric fields, nor would SQL Server be happy if your code looked...

  • RE: SQL Table Join Question

    SELECT distinct t1.*, t2.*

    FROM @table1 t1

        LEFT OUTER JOIN @table2 t2

        ON t1.PrintKey = t2.PrintKey

    will also get rid of duplicate rows - but like John says, sample table definitions...

  • RE: Date Subtraction

    To express the difference between two dates in days...




    Both are equivalent - it follows the SQL tradition of there always being more than one way to solve a problem...

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