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  • RE: How to eliminate duplicate records from a database table?

    Cool - love it 🙂

    Although - it still suffers from the problem of deleting potentially valuable data 😉

    this solves it:

    with Dups as

    ( SELECT *,row_number()


    (partition by id,col1 order by id,col1)...

  • RE: How to eliminate duplicate records from a database table?

    I'm not sure I'd use this script on a table with 10 million rows in it due to the potential for the cursor to become unwieldy if there are a...

  • RE: Absolutely (Not?)

    The only absolute should be that there are no absolutes.... 😉

    There should only be guidelines, validation, discussion and feedback.

    After a long time in I.T. doing various jobs from Mainframe operations...

  • RE: Seeing Double

    I think you're right - It will defintely be quicker if queries are hitting alternate covering indexes on different physical drives but that would be a hefty compromise in my...

  • RE: Multiple Personality

    I think it would be a waste of time and resources to port Windows to other chipsets but, more importantly, it would probably lead to a "dumbing down" of the...

  • RE: Move database from sql server 2000 to sql server 2005

    You might want to take a look at this otherwise your database might get broken by simply restoring and setting the compat level to 90:

  • RE: Get Rid of the Indexes

    In terms of power consumption the power would be saved every time a backup runs - hopefully restores, and therefore index rebuilds, are a less frequent activity! 😉

  • RE: Get Rid of the Indexes

    Sounds like an awesome idea to me however the Connect proposal's status is "Closed (Won't Fix)" - does that mean MS have reviewed the suggestion and rejected it?

  • RE: SSDS

    That's an interesting idea - replicating out all your lookup data to reduce the load on the "authoritative" server - basically this would need the same approach as implemented in...

  • RE: Software is Like Building a House

    I think it's because most of us are basically optimists and when we estimate something we always subconsciously think of everything going right. If we really made ourselves think...

  • RE: Tuning Time

    Trying to cost out how much poor coding will cost you in terms of hardware is pointless because you can't possibly say what extra resources a poor piece of code...

  • RE: Tracking Database Schema Changes with DbPro

    That's good overview of the schema compare facilities of DBPro but the example process you have chosen is fundamentally flawed as database changes should NEVER be reviewed at deployment time.  The time...

  • RE: Change Managment in database development?

    Hi Terry,

    Don't get me wrong - your process isn't bad (sorry if I came across badly back there) - it's just not as optimal as it could be and, in fact,...

  • RE: Change Managment in database development?

    Hi Andy - I mentioned cross continent as an example to illustrate my point about a source control system being necessary as it doesn't care about time or distance boundaries.


  • RE: Change Managment in database development?

    The requirement for devs to communicate with each other before checking in diffs scripts is the fundamental problem in the process and what makes it resource intensive and prone to...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)