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  • Reply To: @@CURSOR_ROWS -m Flag

    This is not a correct answer. There's no -m flag. From the documentation, @@cursor_rows returns -m if the cursor is being asynchronously populated. That just means a negative value m is returned by the...

  • Reply To: The Triple Update

    This is fun code to test and try to get ones head around - in which orders are operators applied.


    DECLARE @i INT=0;
    UPDATE t SET @i = id...
  • RE: Encrypting the data

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor - Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:46 AM

    I understand your complaints. However, despite deprecation, I can use Triple...

  • RE: Finding Triggers

    Nice question Steve. I'm not too familiar with OBJECTPROPERTY, but this got me Reading the documentation. Thanks!

    But (there's always one), I answered that this can't be done with...

  • RE: Case Statement Update

    Very good question. I got it wrong, because I couldn't (apparently) read this early in the morning 🙂

    But a very good example of where inexperienced developers tend to get things...

  • RE: Updating a View with CHECK

    Yes clearly. Otherwise it will of course not throw an error, because there is no row that the query will attempt to update.

  • RE: Updating a View with CHECK

    I don't Think the correct answer is correct.

    When I try to update a view (defined using WITH CHECK OPTION) with a value which makes the row fall outside of, I...

  • RE: Will It Compress?

    Thanks Andy! No Points for me, but getting a reason to read up on sparse columns and their limitations is much appreciated.

  • RE: A Token Escape

    In the code provided with the question, ESCAPE_QUOTE is used, which is not a valid macro. It should be ESCAPE_SQUOTE or ESCAPE_DQUOTE.

  • RE: Insert without a PK

    The QotD from June 8 includes the disabling of indexes. That part of the code was not pasted into this QotD, so like many already mentioned, neither of the answers...

  • RE: SQL Server 2012 Beta Exam Results

    Now that I (surprisingly) passed 71-461 I'm banning myself for not signing up for more beta certifications. I did 71-464, but I should have taken 465 and 462 as well.

  • RE: SQL Server 2012 Beta Exam Results

    jeff.mason (6/12/2012)

    Sounds like the results are in then for 461, 462, and 463. I took the former two and passed. Not in yet on 464 or 465. ...

  • RE: SQL Server 2012 Beta Exam Results

    I logged in to Prometric (didn't even know it was possible) site and see that 71-461 (Querying) has status "Passed".

    So I guess I'm buying the cake for the afternoon...

  • RE: SQL Server 2012 Beta Exam Results

    I too wonder when the results will be sent out. The "real" exams 70-46[1..7] are available from today, so I had expected to receive my results already.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)