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    Only the temporal tables. So one would be customer and another would be customer address. The report would show the transactions against each chronologically for example


    Username, EventDate, Table, NewValue, OldValue


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    Thanks for the response,

    The tables that system versioning is enabled do not get transacted  against often as far as I can tell.

  • RE: Dynamic Query


    Sorry, the purpose is to export to a 3rd party which only accepts csv or tab delimited data (not particularly cool) so the external system is expecting each record...

  • RE: Case Statement

    Thanks so much for that. If this were extended for future development to include say Kelvin would I have to rank the conversions somehow rather than select the min.

  • RE: Query Efficiency


  • RE: Query Efficiency

    Thanks Guys,


    when you move them to outer joins is that just a matter of moving the subqueries to the From clause and then using the correct ansi joins from there


  • RE: Difficult Query

    Cheers Ninja's RGR'us did that after I posted this


  • RE: Difficult Query

    Sorry forgot to mentio the desired output would be as such


    Sorry Forgot to Mention the output should look as such

  • RE: Difficult Query

    Thanks Guys muchly apreciated


    The Tables that I have are as such


    Shift Roster Table

                    Day Shift   Day Shift   Night Shift     Night Shift

    Date            Team        Man...

  • RE: SQl Server Rollback?

    Thanks for the reply,

    The database actually works it is one of the frontends that works with this database that is causing the issue. Basically there is a ASP page...

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