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  • RE: GO

    Just adding my two cents.



    or maybe

    GO .02

  • RE: Copy/Refresh a database in the night

    Really liked the concept, but I ran into one issue. The object backupmediafamily.physical_device_name is nvarchar(260) so I changed @filename to nvarchar(260).

    Thanks for the clear and concise article(s).


  • RE: The Afternoon Whistle

    We all know that some can wait and some cannot wait. And there are some database changes that you would never make over a weekend.

  • RE: The Afternoon Whistle

    I definitely agree. Overall, it helps to give a fresh look when Monday rolls around. And if someone drops something off late on a Friday, it'll be something to...

  • RE: Concatenation Cursor

    As a couple of comments stated, the names may not come back in the order you want. On the same server, I ran this query at different times and...

  • RE: Understanding Execution Plans Part 1


    In your diagrams, how did you get the yellow information boxes included. Did you just do multiple screen prints and then included them, or did you find some tool...

  • RE: Creating a Primary Key over an existing Unique, Clustered Index

    Dropped all the Foreign Keys that were associated with the Person primary key.

    Dropped the Unique Clustered Index over Person.

    Created the Primary Key as Clustered over Person_ID

    Added the Foreign key constraints...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)