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  • RE: Delete statement taking too much time..?

    Forget everything about table structure and table size...

    Just replace NOT IN and IN from your query with EXISTS and NOT EXISTS. You will get good performance in your delete query.

  • RE: Return Count

    Select 1 as [aliasname]

    Result: 1 row(s) affected

    Your result is [1 row(s) affected] so @@rowcount will have value 1.

    SET NOCOUNT ON / OFF doesn;t matter with it.

  • RE: Page numbers in SSRS while exporting to pdf file

    As i read your question i found that you have page size problem with SSRS view and PDF view. Please check Page size property for both or you can check...

  • RE: Rollback problem in VBA

    You should put Exit Sub before error label statement...OR put your original code so we can find your problem and give proper solution...

  • RE: Splitting a whole word

    It is much easy in Excel...

    Open Excel and Add value in A1 cell -> GBP500

    Write in B1


    Write in C1


    After that you can add Excel data into your Table...with 2 column

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)