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  • RE: Formatting Dates with 3 Character Months (SQL Spackle)

    The other advantage of using datename for days of the week, is that you don't have to remember if 0 is Sun or Mon etc ! (or set it at...

  • RE: How to get monthly YTD data

    what's wrong with just using the datename function ?

    i.e. select datename(mm,getdate()) --retuns a value of January

    and then if you just want the 1st 3 letters add a left...

  • RE: Should You Write Down Your Passwords?

    I use the method of using the 1st line of an address.

    It contains letters and numbers and can easily have a symbol added to the end.

    Then my list contains a...


    Another way of doing this is

    select start_date as [Date], *

    from employee

    order by [Date] desc

  • RE: Newsletter Changes

    I like the new proposed layout. It's clean, tidy and easy to read.

    Does "question of the day" still remain ?

    I am also one of the people who never reads the...

  • RE: The Best Kept Secret About SQL Query Analyzer

    Be careful when using tab delimited and columns (like postcodes) that could start with a zero.

    Excel automatically drops the zeros when you import the data.

    A better solution is to use...

  • RE: Date range criteria

    select XXX from YYY where SpecifiedDate between @startdate and @enddate.

    I also have a script that runs the same task over and over with a different input parameter.

    Set the counter to...

  • RE: Date range criteria

    Or maybe the BETWEEN function would be of use here

    June Shutt

  • RE: ISQL help

    Looks like I stumbled across a RED Herring. The file I was using as a comparison, had a very similar name but was not generated by ISQL.

    Sorry to waste...

  • RE: ISQL help

    Both sp's are structured like this

    SELECT Column1 as [xxx],

    Column2 as [bbb],

    Column3 as [ccc]

    FROM [Table]

  • RE: ISQL help

    The first column in both reports is a varchar (other columns are calculated).

  • RE: ISQL help

    I'll check out the code


  • RE: How to store phone number

    We store all our phone numbers as varchar fields in the international number.

    So British numbers would  be (44) 1234 567890 and

    Mexico would be (52) 1234567890

    If u need to see...

  • RE: Columns into Row - Help

    Does your table contain some kind of ID field ?

    If so you could try something like




    case when ID = 1 then RuleID else NULL end as RuleID1...

  • RE: Register same SQL Server more than once in EM

    Yes - u can register by both machine name and IP address

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