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  • RE: Search and Replace

    I was just wondering...

    If Pluto ceases to be a planet, does Plutonium ceases being an elemet?

    😉 😀

  • RE: The Best Database

    Both Rugby Football and Cricket are played by more people (prety much all the countries which were part of the British Empire) than American Grid Iron, I suspect. In cricket,...

  • RE: The Downside of Virtualization

    Mmmmmmm... The keyboard would be something to see! What with all those Ctrl,Alt,Del keys!!!!! 😀

    I suspect Linux might be first to do that, though.

  • RE: Move to an iMac?

    Sorry, that should read "..that a team has..."

    And yes, budget has also kept me out of the Apple stable... ;-/

  • RE: Move to an iMac?

    I believe that a has already hacked the Intel code for the Mac and ran it on a vanilla PC... (I saw a snippet on that in a local South...

  • RE: SED and the Big Bad UNIX File

    There are also two *NIX and DOS utilities to convert between the *NIX and DOS LF/CRLF formats. They are:


    Simple, open source and widely available. 😉

  • RE: Fat Man Walking

    Hi Steve. Yeah. This is very true, and I think my latest 'New Year Prank' fits in nicely with this.

    When I greet someone, instead of the usual "Properous New Year"...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)