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  • RE: Using Temporary Tables with SSIS

    John Rowan (7/21/2009)

    I'm in agreeance with the others. Why do you think you need a temporary table for SSIS?

    There are a lot of situations....We had a ton of predeveloped...

  • RE: one character of data

    dblanchard (7/9/2009)

    if you have ever worked with localization, the answer is clearly nchar(1)...

    Im with you there...nchar(1).

    No character set was I have to choose unicode to handle all...

  • RE: Assigning Null value to the variable

    I know this is an older post this case it does appear that the resolution was as simple as "you cant concatinate a null with a string without first...

  • RE: Changing a Non-IDENTITY column to IDENTITY and vice versa

    I would have thought that too, except he proved the performance gain by the IO stats when doing the switch verses the typical way.

  • RE: Using Temporary Tables with SSIS

    I find that even when using SET FMTONLY ON; (and NOCOUNT ON) I still have issues with using temp tables in general in SSIS..i can get around it by...

  • RE: Changing a Non-IDENTITY column to IDENTITY and vice versa

    ...but then again, assuming that there are no real concerns (small table, dev database, etc.) with using the "create destination, load destination, drop source, and rename destination" table approach, I'd...

  • RE: Running a SQL Server 2005 Job using non-sysadmin Acount

    I had a similar situation where i wanted a group to only run/stop jobs, but not modify, etc...i created the following role, which is essentially the SQLAgentOperatorRole minus certain permissions:


  • RE: Job Execution System

    I too used your similar solution, but i do not want to allow my users to alter jobs, schedule them, delete them, etc. So i created the following...

  • RE: eliminating duplicates

    Nice, that works. I forgot about SET ROWCOUNT, havent had to use in a while. Anyways, now there is a post from me with a cursor in it....crap!...

  • RE: eliminating duplicates

    Sergiy (8/6/2008)

    Well, I see you guys had a lot of fun here.

    OK, I read this thread as well.

    And I cannon figure out one thing.

    Everyone agreed the puzzle was designed...

  • RE: Best Practices for Database Design

    Im pretty OCD about the naming conventions that I use, but as long as you have something, it really doesnt matter what they are. Granted, some seem to work...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 01 Mar 2007

    To further complicate things...can you actually SET ANSI_NULLS [highlight=#ffff11]= [/highlight]ON?

  • RE: Question of the Day for 30 Nov 2005

    I got this correct, but only because i had to assume that the "correct" answer wouldnt be totally correct.

    Select 1 as "Col1", Col2, Col3

    From Table

    Group By Col2, Col3


  • RE: The Cost of Function Use In A Where Clause

    tymberwyld (2/29/2008)

    Ok, I've looked through all the posts here, but I don't see anyone bringing up the SOUNDEX / DIFFERENCE functions. We're currently using this to help "enhance" fuzzy...

  • RE: The Cost of Function Use In A Where Clause

    This is NOT what I would do, but depending on the size of your company table...its something different

    Declare @SoundExName varchar(50)

    Set @SoundExName = 'Smith, John'

    Select a.EmpId, Difference(a.AssociateNm, @SoundExName) Diff

    Into #Temp

    From Associate...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)