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  • RE: Change Data Capture inconsistency

    So I wanted to post what we found in case this helps anyone in the future. In this particular case, the clustered unique index includes a date field. ...

  • RE: Deploy to Test

    Hi Steve,

    Are you considering Schema changes? Data Changes/Fixes? Stored procedures? Any particular focus, or any/all of the above?



  • RE: Transaction Log Growing due to Pending Transaction (Replication)

    The following select statement will scan fn_dblog and construct the sp_repldone statement for each individual command in the log that is marked for replication. It converts PreviousLSN and CurrentLSN...

  • RE: Monitor CPU with Extended Events

    Thanks, Alex. I've seen many of those resources, as well as Jonathan Kehayias's excellent material. But I was looking for some resources about cpu usage in particular. ...

  • RE: How to notify through DB MAIL when sql server agent stopped automatically?

    The other thing to think about is that email isn't really a successful alert system unless it arrives, and there are a whole host of issues that can prevent an...

  • RE: Want to monitor Replication using a Job.

    You can have a job at the publisher insert a tracer token periodically. If it doesn't arrive at the subscriber have a certain amount of time, the job can...

  • RE: Replication problem

    You should be able to compare the replication stored procedures in the subscribers to see what is different between those that are working and those that are not.


  • RE: Replication with a Twist

    You could also put the delete statements in a procedure on SUB, and then, publish the execution of the stored procedure. On MAIN, write the procedure so that it...

  • RE: ExecutenonQuery and Error Handling

    Hi Gary, I tried adding a Write-Host $event.Message to the catch block, but when I include the MessageEventHandler, the catch is not invoked. When I remove the Handler, there...

  • RE: Remove command from distributor

    Yes, we were doubtful there was something so simple, but we thought we'd ask.

    In our particular case, the issue was with our custom replication procedures incorrectly treating a new computed...

  • RE: Unable to add output parameter to log reader?

    looks to be a windows permission item. The proxy user needs to have write access to where you are creating the log file.

  • RE: Unable to add output parameter to log reader?


    our replication setup created a proxy in the "Replication Transaction-Log Reader" category, with a name like:

    [REPL][<Domain Account>][<Job Name>]

    That's what shows up in the "Run as" portion of the Run agent...

  • RE: Database space used

    You can also go after the data files, summing the number of 8K pages used and converting to your unit of choice (MB in this example):

    select sum(fileproperty(,'SpaceUsed'))*8./1024.0 as 'Space Used...

  • RE: Problem Reading EVENT_INSTANCE in DDL Trigger


    That resulting in a syntax error around the EVENTDATA().node construct.

    We were able to get around this by switching to an openxml command:

    DECLARE @data XML

    SET @data = EVENTDATA()

    declare @idoc int

    EXEC sp_xml_preparedocument...

  • RE: Timing Statistics Inconsistent with XML Query plan


    This is interesting. I freed the proccache and then ran the query without the recompile hint. The full output is

    SQL Server parse and compile time:


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)