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  • RE: Linked Server problem

    You may need to check out the instcat.sql

    Is your SQL Server 2000 instance running SP4?

    If not, in order for Distributed queries in SQL Server 2005 to work against...

  • RE: Log Shipping 'skipping' all logs and not restoring

    Try restoring the logs manually to the standby server and see what, if any, error is received.

    In the past while debugging, I have found alerts set up on production...

  • RE: Administering large Databases

    Make sure you have backups. Make sure the backups are being written to tape. Make sure the backups are not being stored locally.

    Backup everything.

    Make sure the production database...

  • RE: Please suggest Tools for sql server 2005

    You will get more for your money by hiring a qualified DBA rather than buying a tool and falsely believing it will solve any/all of your problems. If...

  • RE: Scheduled Job getting failed

    This is assuming the error is being caused because the backup of the master database is trying to write to a location that it can't see.

    When you log out, the...

  • RE: Becoming A DBA, Part 2

    Existing DBAs can do their part by encouraging their employers to hire new IT graduates to pair with them. I've had opportunites to train new graduates and I...

  • RE: Trap Import Errors caused by Corrupt Access DB

    thanks much! that never crossed my mind. As a DBA, I never thought I'd be happy to have a corrupt database.

  • RE: Wiggle Room

    I believe the word "Consultant" is too broadly used in the IT industry. Many people advertised as "consultants" are actually contractors.

    My belief is that a contractor is one who...

  • RE: Standby / Trn Log Shipping - Few Questions

    Keep in mind that your standby server logs should be loaded with a delay (a good tiemframe is 2 hours). Continue the backups and the copy's, but delay the...

  • RE: Standby / Trn Log Shipping - Few Questions

    If you decide to generate your log file restore commands's a script found awhile back that does it.

    This procedure uses the MSDB backup tables, and will generate the basic...

  • RE: emails

    Here's a stored procedure I found awhile back that easily write a text string to a file.

    CREATE PROCEDURE spWriteStringToFile


    @String Varchar(8000), --8000 in SQL Server 2000

    @Path VARCHAR(255),

    @Filename VARCHAR(100)




    DECLARE @objFileSystem...

  • RE: Trn Log Shipping Timestamp/Format

    I haven't seen this before.

    I suggest that you start up profiler and run a trace. Select Events (Stored Procedures and TSQL) ..I've done the same thing on...

  • RE: SQL 2000 SP4 => Cannot restore a database across the network

    :ermm: Maybe virus scanning software has been installed/patched and hasn't been configured to exclude the files you're using. In this case, the files would be scanned for viruses as...

  • RE: Job Step Type problem

    Wonder if has anything to do with the change in Daylight Savings Time this past weekend....y'know, the time used to change last week, but is now the 4th.


  • RE: Large Table Delete 105+ Million Rows...

    About the full vs simple. I've never worried about changing this. If my database is in production it is set to full mode. If my database...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)