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  • RE: wait_type : CXPACKET - suspended

    I have the same problem. The wait_source of the active session is blank (NULL). The last wait resource was SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD.

    I'm trying to do multiple inserts into the same...

  • RE: Introduction to the Transaction Log

    Great article. I have some questions though:

    Recovery Modes

    Is there a performance difference between the recovery modes?

    Or are the recovery modes really providing the feature for database recovery...

  • RE: Managing Transaction Logs

    When do checkpoints happen? Are they automatic? Can they be invoked programmatically?

    Besides simple recovery, are there other techniques to minimize the size of the transaction log?

    Thank you,


  • RE: The Power of Merge

    Has anyone compared the performance of a MERGE statement with the "old" standard of UPDATE and INSERT? Specifically with regards to data warehouse loading.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)