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  • RE: Database creation settings

    My sincerest apologies for being so pedantic - what must I have been thinking

  • RE: Database creation settings

    "Unlimited" does this really SET a maximum file size ?
    I know there will be a maximum file size (aka free space on disk , 2TB for a log...

  • RE: Dropping Event Sessions

    If you stop the session - then drop the event - do you not have exactly the same result ?

  • RE: Getting rid of NULL

    MMartin1 - Monday, January 9, 2017 3:55 PM

    Yes, not difficult that I re-read a couple times to make sure I was not missing...

  • RE: Which gives the greatest points?

    Pissing about in the middle of the field - on a cold muddy cabbage patch - hoping for a penalty is the BRITISH way - watch the six nations...

  • RE: Which gives the greatest points?

    From a purely ENGLISH Rugby Union perspective - what the H£!! is a 'TRY'.

    Everyone knows that the correct way to play the game is to muck about in the...

  • RE: Independence Day

    Or the Aliens weren't really that advanced, were also taken in by the Apple publicity machine and based their OS on Apple.

    Or Steve Jobs was really an Alien, sent...

  • RE: Arithmetic Operation Results

    Just think of it as a 'bug' in SQLs logic that you have to learn to live with

  • RE: SQL Jobs

    It all depends WHERE the syntax error is - whether the job will be created, how the job will run when created - the correct answer is therefore sometimes

  • RE: The mysteries of life, the beginning of the 20th century

    Number of points:

    I would fire

    -whoever hired a DBA who " only knows how to copy and paste"!!" - as they don't sound qualified to me.

    -anyone who...

  • RE: Create a stored procedure

    As many people have said - the correct answer to the question asked was 'None of the above'.

    Nit picking would apply if the correct answer was below 'None of...

  • RE: Members of windows group


    xp_cmdshell 'dsquery group -name <group_name> |dsget group -members -expand'

    and this allows for the potential to expand sub-groups

    xp_cmdshell IS a correct answer

  • RE: SSIS and Transaction Log Growth

    And if the Maximum Insert Commit Size in the OLEDB destination is already set to a reasonable value you.....

    This option might not work - so plitting a source stream into...

  • RE: one character of data

    I think char(1) or nchar(1) could be best but the varchar options are not best

  • RE: Log shipping

    Thanks - thought so - just not something I've actually done before

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