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  • RE: Tablesample

    Interesting question.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • RE: APPLY - 1

    Good question!Really like it.

    Thanks for sharing.:-P

  • RE: Stairway to SQL PowerShell Level 1: SQL PowerShell Basics

    Good start, thanks for sharing!

    Wait for more to come...

  • RE: Index Types

    I attempted to answer the question. I got wrong answer too.

    What I have learned from the question is that, I can learn much more from the mistakes. There are many...

  • RE: Index Types

    Hugo Kornelis (7/5/2012)

    Steve Cullen (7/5/2012)

    Correct answers = 1 ???

    This must be one of those Monty Python type questions:

    Q: What is your name?

    A: Steve Cullen

    Q: What is your quest?

    A: I seek...

  • RE: Index Types

    I was wrong.

    Editor was right!

  • RE: DateFormat

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • RE: NULLIF 1

    Very interesting question.

    Thanks for sharing.:-)

  • RE: Restricting updates?

    A really nice and interesting questions.

    Thanks. 🙂

  • RE: Temp Tables

    Should it be dependent on the version of SQL Server targeted on?

    In fact, the article referenced for this question was only focused on SQL 2000.

    In your reference article, it clearly...

  • RE: Adding Map Callout Boxes in Reporting Services

    mkostadinovic (6/22/2012)

    Whenever I try to render/preview report I got:

    The spatial data for layer 'PolygonLayer1' in the 'Map1' is not valid. Specify spatial data that is data type SqlGeometry or SqlGeography.


  • RE: Adding Map Callout Boxes in Reporting Services

    Any suggestions and comments about the article are very welcome.

    I will try address the issues you found as soon as I can.



  • RE: SSIS 2012 - Build Project

    No confusion.

    Your answer just had one of the possible cases, but not all.

    Would you consider legacy project in your question?

  • RE: SSIS 2012 - Build Project

    Koen Verbeeck (6/10/2012)

    The behaviour should not be dependent on the OS.

    What is this "SSIS new project for flat file conversion "?

    There are only two ways of developing SSIS projects:

    * Project...

  • RE: SSIS 2012 - Build Project

    Hi, Koen,

    Which operating system did you test against to?

    Have you try on Windows 7?

    What if you create a SSIS project, for example, flat file conversion and load to db first,...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)