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  • RE: table(heap) fragmentation and how to remedy

    If the Database does not allow downtime, you're hosed with the Create CI and Drop trick. (can you imagine if the table has millions of records?)

    the BEST option is to...

  • RE: Career Advice...what is next after SR SQL DBA ?

    been there done that.

    I do NOT Miss "errors and omissions insurance"

    and I do NOT Miss making Collections calls.

    Other than that, Self Employed route can be quite nice.


  • RE: table(heap) fragmentation and how to remedy

    You pretty much need a clustered index.

    any reason why you dont want a ci on the table ?

    Greg Jackson

  • RE: Career Advice...what is next after SR SQL DBA ?

    yes the next step depends on what you wish to do.....

    Data Architect would be a good next step

    Management Positions would possibly make sense

    Product Management ???

    Project Management ???

    Sr. DBAs might be...

  • RE: Need suggetions on correct raid config

    I agree.

    All too often I see performance problems in production environments due to RAID5 or RAID6 configurations.

    You will most definately want RAID 1+0 or 0+1

    It's spendy, but's a production...

  • RE: SQL newbie looking for Indexing advise

    On another note....

    Sure you should try to determine what indexes are needed up front however, index tuning is an on going task for the skilled DBA and Architect.

    Dont feel that...

  • RE: Show when all jobs were running

    Sweet Script.

    I used this today to help troubleshoot some production issues.

    I cleaned the script up a bit in the following ways:

    1. included a "USE MSDB" statement at top because...

  • RE: SSIS trouble

    either make the datatypes identical (The best option IMHO) or just do a CAST in your select when you retrieve the data


    Cast(ID As BigInt) As ID



  • RE: Another Raid config question

    conceptually looks good but I'd be afraid of running out of space.

    You stated that your DB is ~70GB today. How fast is it growing ?

    what kind of activity is on...

  • RE: TempDB BottleNeck ?

    Thanks for the reply.

    Our system is very write intensive.

    Even our Reporting sprocs do tons of writes to tempTables before writing out final results.

    we are working feverishly on removing all temp...

  • RE: TempDB BottleNeck ?

    this is great info. Thanks for the reply.


  • RE: TempDB BottleNeck ?

    well...I dont "Know" that the location of TempDB is the problem.

    I "Suspect" that it is.

    I want to be able to definitively prove if my hunch is right or wrong.

    The fact...

  • RE: Should DBAs attend Development Meetings

    Involving them early can reduce major problems late in the game.

    If dev meetings have ZERO impact on Database, then make invite optional.


    Gregory A Jackson MCSD, MCT

Viewing 13 posts - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)