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  • RE: Using SPID to identify user

    My schema works like so....

    UserMap = GUID, SPID, AppUsername

    When a connection is established to the db.

    Conn C = new Conn();

    C.Execute("DELETE FROM UserMap WHERE SPID = @@SPID");

    C.Execute("INSERT INTO UserMap (SPID,AppUsername) VALUES...

  • RE: Using SPID to identify user

    Hmmmmm... maybe on occassions the spid->username map fails to write and the exception handing is allowing future transactions to continue..

    I'll do some further digging..

    Is there something fundamentally wrong with what...


    Thats why I used char(91) and char(93) it wouldn't matter what the table name was then.

  • RE: T-SQL to Generate T-SQL

    In SQL 2005 you don't have those issues because you can use NVARCHAR(MAX).

    Basically the proceedure spits out in 4 parts so you could write a front end which takes the 4...

  • RE: Excessive sleeper processes

    run the sp_who2 command on the SQL Server to try and see how many users are running on the database server. 

    use the kill (spid) to remove any connections which...


    No outlook is a mail client and doesn't require any configuration to receive emails.

    SQL server on the other hand does require a MAPI profile to be able to send emails. 



    Do I win ?


    Try this :-


    @sSql AS NVARCHAR(4000)


    @StupidTableName AS NVARCHAR

  • RE: Bowling Challenge - The Results

    Adam can I also ask the overhead involved on large SQL Server databases which use lots of temp-tables?

    i.e. If the bowling site was to be used by 100,000's of concurrent...

  • RE: Bowling Challenge - The Results

    I didn't realise this would happen when I posted the solution.

    From what I can tell I didn't sl@g anyone off, Just pointed out about the use of temp tables...

  • RE: Bowling Challenge - The Results

    To be honest.. I don't give a flying poop.. Temp tables suck.

    I presume you done some work with execution plans / indexes to make your findings fair ?

    Or did you run...

  • RE: Bowling Challenge - The Results

    This is a friendly community.

    If your willing to post a solution you must be willing to take critism.

    I never claimed that my solution was in fact 'THE BEST'.. Ive always...

  • RE: Bowling Challenge - The Results

    Sorry its a in-memory temp table until it get too big, then its stored in the temp database.

    He he..

    Looked at yours liked the way...

  • RE: Bowling Challenge - The Results

    temp tables... boo hoo.

  • RE: Bowling Challenge - The Results

    My Solution used 3 functions and 1 stored proc, used the original table.  I added a game id for testing and presumed scores would be entered in order.. I know...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)